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Main Features

Ubiquity 0.5.4 is a maintenance release that addresses bugs and performance problems. Substantial new localizations to the about and settings pages have also been included.

Download It

If you already have Ubiquity 0.5.x, it will automatically update itself soon (you can also go to the add-ons manager and click "Find Updates" if you are feeling impatient). If you don't already have Ubiquity installed, you can get the latest version of Ubiquity here.


Thanks to the Ubiquity communities on the ubiquity-firefox list and Get Satisfaction for reporting bugs and helping us to reproduce issues to get them fixed for this release.

In Depth

Parser Performance

  • Optimized asynchronous queries to improve Parser 2 performance. (#856) Parser 2 is now roughly twice as fast! Read mitcho's blog post for more information and performance details.

Firefox 3.0 Compatibility

  • Fixed issue where Firefox was failing silently on startup in Firefox 3.0.x. (#857)
  • The command editor page now works correctly in Firefox 3.0.x. (#858)


  • The en-US sources for localization of about and settings pages were updated.
  • Thanks to the great work of volunteers on BabelZilla, the about and settings page strings have been almost-completely localized in Spanish (es-ES), Finnish (fi-FI), French (fr), Hungarian (hu), Japanese (ja), Dutch (nl-NL), Polish (pl-PL), Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR), and Russian (ru).


  • Resetting Ubiquity now works correctly. (#859)
  • Fixed an issue where disabled commands would still be checked as enabled in the commands list. The command list now accurately displays whether a command is enabled or disabled. (#820)