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(Note: this page describes a proposed project, not (as far as I know) something actually in development. Its mission statement has significant overlap with that of Herd. -- Jono ) (Comment to Note: its not a new project. its why that the users can tell the developers how they want to see the herd. -- Yarden )

Ubiquity Commands Center is the webpanel that maintains a database of Ubiquity scripts and let's the users contribute commands, skins and add-ons for Ubiquity to Ubiquity users. basicly, its like, but for Ubiquity.

this document is the outline for the Ubiquity Commands Center, it's the way that users can give ideas, so that when the Ubiquity Commands Center builders will have a guidelines and idea of the site.


  1. to be the collective site that maintains a database of Ubiquity's extensions.
  2. to let the users contribute these extensions.
  3. to be and accessible, intuitive and usable site for the public.
  4. to be as easy to learn to use as it is to dial the phone.
  5. to filter spam.
  6. to filter harmful extensions.
  • you may add more.


  • "Ubiquity Commands Center" is not the name of this webpanel, its the name of the idea.

Name proposals:

  2. Ubiquity Commands Repository
  3. Ubiquity's Commands Directory
  4. Ubiquity Custom Command Center (U3C)
  • you may add more.


  1. let the user view the js file before the install.
    1. color-coded view.
  2. let the user try commands on the site without installing them.
    1. selective install of commands that are grouped together on one page (should this go here?)
  3. let the user search extensions.
  4. let the user browse extensions.
  5. warn the user from harmful extensions.
  6. let the user contribute.
    1. CAPTCHA on add form.
    2. sign-up to contribute (with CAPTCHA).
  7. display full details for extensions.
    1. Description, author, Title, Date.
    2. commands words.
  • you may add more.