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Guidelines, resources, etc for Usability testing.

Classical Usability testing

Classical usability testing is sitting down participants and watching them use the software. This can be used to identify mismatches between the software model and the users mental model.

How to series on classical Usability testing.

Scripts for syncing tagging data.

Usability tests on Ubiquity

Using Test Pilot

Info on Test pilot + Ubiquity.

UI Triangulation

See main page Usability Triangulation

UI Triangulation ensures that different tracking mechanisms (bug tracker tickets, Get Satisfaction tickets, and results from usability testing) are cross referenced and prioritized like programming bugs. It uses UI Severity and frequency ratings to prioritize bugs similar similar to programming bugs.

Severity + Frequency + human factoring = Priority


Not traditional MediaWiki templates, but a good starting point for someone to c/p.

Usability Tests

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