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If you've found a problem, the best place to report it is at Bugzilla. Don't worry, it's not difficult, but there are a few things you can do to make sure we can solve the bug quickly.

Check the Weave release notes and the Weave FAQ
First, is it in the release notes or the FAQ? Note that the FAQ is in a wiki, so if you find a workaround you can edit the FAQ so everyone can benefit from it.
Check open Weave bugs
It's a long list, but you can use Find (Ctrl+F / Command+F) to search the summaries. If you find a bug, then you may want to read it and see if you have any new information to add (but please only if you have something new to add). If a bug has been submitted already, you can add your email to the "Cc" list to get updates when it changes.
Can't find your problem there? No problem. Simply go to this page to file a new bug report (create an account here).
About filing good bugs: Don't worry if you don't understand some of the questions, just give us as much detail as you can, and try to explain the problem as clearly as possible. Sometimes you see a problem that we don't see, so it's very useful to have the details. One thing that helps a lot is to attach a Weave log file. To do that:
  1. In Firefox, click on the Weave menu and select "Activity Log..."
  2. Click on "Verbose Log" at the top (it has extra detail)
  3. Click on "Save As..." and save the logs as a file
  4. In Bugzilla, click the "Add Attachment" button and upload the log file
Drop by, #labs
Weave developers and other users hang out on the channel and can help you in real-time. Keep in mind that most Weave developers are on PST (GMT-8), though. And, if you're a developer yourself or want to get involved with the project, please do jump right in!

Thanks for your help in improving Weave!