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These are some of the high level ideas/features that we should target for releases beyond 1.0.

This is just a raw list and not prioritized/sorted in any way.

  • Integration into fennec
  • Integration into firefox
  • Automatic tab sync when you install weave on your 2 device
  • Intelligent event based sync for relevant data types (tabs, passwords, bookmarks etc.)
  • Device management (device list view, management, trust levels etc)
  • Data visualization (see weave data)
  • Remote kill (nuke a compromised device from the now syncing list)
  • Sync add-ons
  • Sync Jetpacks
  • Sync search engines
  • Sync preferences
  • Sync persistent cookies
  • New clients
  • Account registration via web page?
  • Server to support other authentication mechanisms (against openid, other authentication services etc)
  • What else is missing from syncing your entire profile?
  • Finish sync on browser quit
  • Integration with delicious (one-way, bidirectional)
  • Make sync'd data searchable
  • Provide sync'd data in search results
  • Compression?
  • Selective Sync of Bookmarks by folder (e.g. in the way of Xmarks)