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special characteristics of our data:

  • Collections_with_timestamps is 21% of our queries, and expected to rise
    • It can be memcached away
  • If collections_with_timestamps is (mostly) optimized away, we have an approximate read-write ratio of 5-2
    • Almost all read queries are range-based, and, usually lower-bound only (modified since)
    • Diversity of served data makes caching almost impossible
  • No query in the db is executed outside of a user's scope
    • Only collections_with_timestamps and collections_with_quotas are executed outside of user+collection scope
    • Users are very unlikely to have contention with themselves
    • No joins anywhere in the system.
  • A lengthy primary key is unavoidable (due to the places id)
  • Most data is entered as an upsert
    • Backend scripts purge old data in certain collections; External deletes seem to be of entire collections
  • Officially, we only support a restricted list of collections; unofficially, there's support for arbitrary collection creation