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In the spirit of the motto "The Web is The Platform", Mozilla Labs seeks to aggressively explore new capabilities in the Web Platform, as well as innovative use cases previously not considered for it.

New Capabilities/APIs

These involve adding some sort of new capability to the web, e.g. by extending the window object. It's okay for these solutions to only work in Firefox, though it'd be even better if they could work on any browser via a cross-browser mechanism such as NPAPI.

Writing up a W3C specification for anything here is encouraged, as is working with the W3C and Mozilla to get the capability standardized and added to the Web Platform.

  • New Selectors API
  • Canvas3D/WebGL
  • B-Tree API. This is a simple low-level API that would enable multiple high-level storage solutions to be efficiently implemented in content space, e.g. CouchDB.
  • HTML5 History (bug 500328)
  • Identity/social-network access
  • Camera access
  • USB device access
  • High-level, high-performance crypto
  • New security model (e.g., FlowSafe)
  • Code sandboxing (e.g., hermetic eval())
  • element.getEventListeners(type)
  • Standardizing the subtitling of open video
  • Gaming in Javascript: real-time javascript, low-impact garbage collectors, timers, independent video-refresh and logic loops

New Applications/Libraries

These involve creating new applications or libraries using only web content. All of these solutions should work in any browser, not just Firefox.