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Paris, April 14th 2010
Harvey Anderson
Mozilla Corporation
650 Castro Street, Suite 300
Mountain View, CA 94041


Dear Sir,

I am Kewego's lawyer.

Kewego provides a white label hosting video platform on the web to many clients in France and all
over the world.

Kewego noticed that, since February 10,2010 an "add-on" application allowing the download, via
firefox browser, of videos that are broadcast only on streaming, is provided on your website:

This "add-on" is proposed under the name of "Kewego", even if my client is not involved in the
development of this application.

We are also writing directly to the developer on the email he put on your website.

I draw your attention of the fact that this "add-on" is infringing Kewego's rights by:

using the "kewego" trademark,
using the kewego logo protected by the copyright,

Moreover, the use of Kewego's name can be consider as unfair competition under art 1382 of the
French civil Code.

This "add-on" may also have been done by infringing Kewego's right over the software applications
use on its video platforms.

Lastly, this "add-on" allowing downloading protected content stream on Kewego's platforms infringes
Kewego's agreements made with rights holders of the contents, who allowed the streaming of their
videos but not its download.

Kewego therefore hereby formally request that you immediately cease, totally and unconditionally the
distribution of this "add-on" from your website and that you take the appropriate arrangements to
avoid this application to appears again on your web site.
I inform you that my client does not want to start any action in front of the Courts, against your
corporation or even against the developer, since the application is quickly removed.

But if any action should be stmt in the future, you are formally request to keep the connection data of
the developer you have.

Due to our ethical rules of our profession, we are entirely at your lawyer disposal.

Gilles Vercken