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As you undoubtedly know, Facebook is the leading online social network service. Facebook adopted the name and trademark Facebook in February 2004 and, since that time, Facebook has actively used the Facebook name and trademark in connection with its online social network service, including maintaining the web site The term Facebook is one of the most famous trademarks on the Internet. Facebook owns exclusive trademark rights to the Facebook name as a result of numerous trademark registrations in the United States and internationally, as well as related common law rights. Accordingly, Facebook enjoys broad trademark rights in its name.

Facebook has made a substantial investment in developing and providing its services. As a result of Facebook’s pioneering efforts and devoting substantial effort and resources to providing only high quality services, the Facebook name and trademarks are widely known among the consuming public worldwide, and the name and trademarks embody substantial and valuable goodwill.

Accordingly, we were concerned when we learned of apps on the website that infringe the Facebook trademark. As we hope you can appreciate, protection of its trademarks is very important to Facebook. Infringement occurs when a third party’s use of a company’s trademark (or a confusingly similar variation thereof) is likely to confuse consumers as to the affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement of the third party’s services. Trademark dilution occurs when a third party’s use of a variation of a company’s trademark is likely to lessen the distinctiveness of the company’s famous trademark.

I, the undersigned, state UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner of certain intellectual property rights ("IP Owner");

I have a good faith belief that the apps/addons identified below are not authorized by the IP Owner, its agent, or the law, and therefore infringe the IP Owner's rights; and

The information in this notice is accurate.

Please act expeditiously to remove the following apps/addons

Developer Addon Name Facebook use? F logo use?

Developer Addon Name Facebook use? F logo use? URL
[Name Removed] Facebook Photo Zoom x x
Briks Software Facebook Toolbar x x
Konverts Facebook Friend Request x x
Addon Works Facebook Chat History Manager x no
Linkular LLC FaceTweek no x

xXSonyBoy4LfeXx Facebook x x
[Name Removed] Facebook Photo Album Downloader x no
Archih Facebook Chatbar x x
[Name Removed] Facebook Gamer x x
Steeev+ F.B. Purity x x

[Name Removed] Facebook User Search x x

Alexltelman My Facebook x x
cfinke Facebook Email Links x no
[Name Removed] Fbbutton for Facebook x x
TheWorldinPink Pink Facebook x no
Sujithkumar Facebook Photo Theater x x
Level Six Facebook Toolbar x no
BrunoLM7, Steinn Facebook Manager x x
[Name Removed] Facebook Status Counter x x
Shadowchaser Facebook Text Hoster x no

Matt Tbl Facebook Le Doy x no
Cicciotesti09 Facebook Text Hoster x no

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Susan Kawaguchi
Domain Name Manager
Facebook Inc.

1601 California Avenue
Palo Alto, CA

Phone - 650 485-6064