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May 4, 2011

Re: MafiaaFire Redirector and FireICE

Dear Mr. Anderson:

NBCUniversal and its subsidiaries (collectively "NBCUniversal") is the owner of
exclusive rights protected under copyright law in many motion pictures and television
As you may know, the United States government has, over the past several months,
seized the domain names of a number of web sites engaged in massive infringement of
the intellectual property rights of numerous persons including NBCUniversal. These
domain name seizures have been undertaken primarily by ICE-Homeland Security
Investigations ("HSI") through operations collectively known as Operation in Our Sites.
We have recently learned of two add-ons available through the Mozilla website that are
designed to circumvent the HSI domain name seizures. In particular, the add-ons
MafiaaFire Redirector and FireICE automatically redirect users from seized domain
names to new domain names of the sites, to the extent that the site operator has reestablished
the site under a new domain name. The sole and express intent and function
of the MafiaaFire and Fire ICE add-ons are to induce and contribute to copyright
infringement, including infringement of numerous NBCUniversal copyrighted properties.
The two add-ons are available through Mozilla's site at:
https:/ / and
https :/ / dalfirefox/addon/fireice/
Please be advised that NBCUniversal considers Mozilla's offering of these two add-ons
to infringe NBCUniversal intellectual property rights. NBCUniversal demands that
Mozilla expeditiously remove and disable access to the add-ons.
The undersigned has a good faith beliefthat use of the material in the manner described
herein is not authorized by NBCUniversal, its agents or the law. The information in this
notice is accurate. Under penalty of perjury, the undersigned is authorized to act on
behalf of NBCUniversal with respect to this matter.
Please be advised that this letter is not intended as a complete statement of the facts or
law as they pertain to this matter. NBCUniversal reserves all rights and remedies.

Very truly yours,

Steve Kang

Vice President and Senior Counsel
Anti-Piracy Legal Affairs
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91 608
tel 818-777-2503
fax 81 8-866-6339