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Dear Mozilla Copyright Agent,

I am on the legal team at Pinterest, and I am writing to report a Firefox extension that is violating Pinterest's trademarks. The extension is the Pinterest Pin Button by [removed], and can be found at

Pinterest has used the terms "Pinterest" and “Pin, and the stylized "P" logo to identify our business and services for quite some time now. We have registered trademarks in the US for PINTEREST (registration #4145087) and PIN (registration #4553185).

We're happy to see people building extensions that enhance the Pinterest community and give Pinterest users new tools to share content through Pinterest, but this particular extension uses the Pinterest marks and stylized “P” logo in a way that is likely to confuse users as to the source or sponsorship of the extension by Pinterest. The use of the PINTEREST and PIN word mark in the title and description of the extension, and the stylized "P" logo in the image representing this extension, and the display of the stylized “P” logo in the extension itself is likely to confuse users into thinking that Pinterest is the source of the extension, or endorses the extension (particularly since Pinterest offers an official extension that looks nearly identical on Chrome).

We ask that the developer of the extension stop using the Pinterest logo in the extension and on any pages describing the extension, and rename the extension to make it clear that Pinterest is not the source and does not endorse the extension.

I am an agent acting on behalf of the trademark owner, Pinterest, Inc., and I make the statements in this complaint under penalty of perjury.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the information listed below in the email footer.

Best, Henry Lien Litigation & Product Counsel | Pinterest, Inc. [removed]