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Dear Friends at Mozilla:

AppDetex represents many high profile intellectual property owners and assists with, among various aspects of brand protection, the submission of complaints regarding intellectual property infringement in the app markets. It has come to our attention that there are a significant number of apps/add-ons for Mozilla’s Firefox using our clients' brands without authorization and in a manner that violates their intellectual property rights (trademark and copyright).

We have been asked to prepare and send notices regarding these apps/add-ons and want to clearly identify the process and the most efficient/effective way to communicate these complaints to the appropriate group/persons at Mozilla, given the numbers of notices we are likely to be sending.

As a preliminary action, we are sending a complaint on behalf of Facebook, Inc. regarding twenty-five (25) add-ons. Please see the attached statement regarding the infringements and the spreadsheet identifying the subject apps/add-ons and advise as to whether there is an alternate method you’d prefer we use and if there is anyone who may be available to coordinate with us in this matter. If your process will require that a contact name, phone number and email address be provided to the developer/respondent, we will want to ensure you have information to be shared.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Any assistance you can provide as to the process for handling claims of this type will be most appreciated! -- Alexis Meghrouni Rivas Managed Services Director AppDetex Mobile Brand Protection [removed]