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Mozilla Legal, to whom it may concern

Attached, you will find legal proof, that

OPAG Informatik AG Fabrikmattenweg 11 4144 Arlesheim Switzerland

is the legal trademark owner of the previously mentioned CASYMIR®-logo which we hereby confirm (Email from Mr. Fredy Paquet CEO, 27th June 2016, 9 a.m.).

  • International Registration Details, Madrid Protocol; File 1146079
  • Swiss Federal Institute Of Intellectual Property
  Trademark-Nr.: 635966

As the outdated version of the logo is still displayed on the following Thunderbird Plug-In,


we urge you to remove it as soon as possible and send us immediate confirmation that you did so.

Sigmatech Infomatik GmbH, as previously pointed out, are our partner company - not the trademark holder – and are unable to delete or renew the theme, as they do not posess the required account information and neither do we. If you have any doubt concerning this matter, we authorize you to contact

Mr. Stefan Bies, CEO of Sigmatech Informatik GmbH [removed] who will also confirm that the removal of said logo is vital and legal.

We would like to thank you in advance for acting promptly and accordingly.

Kind regards

F. Paquet CEO

Note: no handwritten signature required, electronic signature valid