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LinuxTag is a very important Open Source Conference in Berlin/Germany. Its a mix of Conference and Fair with a lot of Open Source Projects. Focus and Audience is on Tech-Interested and Tech-Professionals + Open Source Interested Audience from Across Europe.

Last year they had about 10.000 visitors.

Date and Location

Berlin Germany - 9-12 June 2010 Meetup in Berlin with Mitchell Baker on June 8


Mozilla Community Meetup 2010 in Berlin with Mitchell Baker!

Mozilla will host a Community Meetup before LinuxTag.

  • When: Tuesday, June 8, 8pm Local Time
  • Where: We have reserved a table at at the Zollpackhof - its near the Berlin Main Station
  • Who: Meet Members of the Team Mozilla and as Special Guest Mitchell Baker
  • What: Meet and Talk to with other Mozilla and Open Source Fans! No presentations, just an informal chance to talk.
  • RVSP: To plan this Meetup please sign up via Email to Tomcat so that we know how many people are interested to join us !
  • See also: The Facebook Event Page

See you there !

- Tomcat

Mozilla @ LinuxTag


Booth Policy

Linuxtag is a very tech-oriented fair and we can expect a lot of interesting questions and discussions from visitors.We want to deliver our Booth Visitors the best experience possible at the fair. In order to do that we have learned some lessons at CeBIT 2010. This Booth policy should give a little help when you are working at the booth

  • No "online" work at the booth. When you have to do some task with your laptop or other online advice there will be enough room at the conference fairground where you can work and check your Emails etc.
  • No eating at the booth.
  • Everyone is responsible for the impression of our booth. The Booth is the Business Card of Mozilla for Visitors. So if you see any waste like left over plastic bags from swag, please take it away to the waste bin.

Booth Duty Plan

Mozilla's Crew at LinuxTag will be William, Kadir, Tomcat, Kai (on Saturday) and also Barbara will help us out.

Please enter here when you plan to take a break, so that we can coordinate stuff.




  • Spreading the Word about Mozilla's Mission
  • Show and Tell with Demo's from:
    • QA
    • Support
    • Mobile
  • Getting more people involved
  • Awareness of Firefox and our advantages vs. other browsers


Tomcat Email: Cell: +49 176 36180151