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rustc: Fix up and enable the MIR inlining pass.

  • 0% completed.

rustc: land three changes that noticeably speed up compilation of one or more notable programs with non-lexical lifetimes enabled.

Analyze two Rust-in-Firefox compilation workloads that Mozilla engineers complain about, to see where future Rust compilation speed efforts should focus.

  • 50% completed.
  • I analyzed Xidorn's scenario (touch stylist.rs and recompile).
    • I found sccache and incremental compilation interacted poorly, potentially slowing down this scenario by over 1 minute. Ted fixed this and released a new sccache version (0.2.7).
    • I identified that lld is 2--3x faster than the default linkers.
    • I communicated all this to dev-platform.


Hash table improvements:

DocShell/SessionHistory refactoring

  • I completed a bunch of bugs cleaning up this code to help with Project Fission.