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Mozilla Add-ons Workshop :: London
London, Wednesday 30 June, 2010
6:30pm - midnight
Free online registration required

What is the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop?

Have you always dreamed of going behind the scenes of Firefox? Are you a Web developer interested in learning how to make Firefox Add-ons? Or an experienced add-ons developer, familiar with XUL, overlays, and chrome and eager to go even further.

This is the opportunity for you to make your wish come true: the next Mozilla Add-ons Workshop is coming to London, on Wednesday, 30th of June, 2010! The Mozilla Add-ons Workshop will be an evening devoted to sharing with you about the latest in Mozilla add-ons development, mobile add-ons, HTML5, and the future of Firefox. Space is limited to the first 100 registrants, so reserve your spot at the London 2010 Mozilla Add-ons Workshop by registering here.


Web developers, hackers, C++ developers, XUL developers, bloggers, journalists and people just plain curious about Firefox Add-ons : EVERYONE IS WELCOME and ENTRANCE IS FREE. If you want to attend, please make sure to register.


  • Create an opportunity to share knowledge and open discussion among the Firefox Add-ons developer and user communities.
  • Encourage and facilitate the creation of Firefox Add-ons by local developers.
  • Promote the ongoing growth of a vibrant global add-ons ecosystem.

Schedule (FINAL)

Time ____ Main Room
18:30 Welcome coffee/drinks/food
19:00 Opening keynote (Nick Nguyen)
19:30 Making add-ons that people will love (Justin Scott)
20:00 Jetpack Builder + SDK (Myk Melez)
20:30 15 minute food/drink break
20:45 Lightning talks (Add-ons Developer Community)
21:15 Writing add-ons for mobile & desktop platforms (Paul Rouget)
21:45 HTML5 (Paul Rouget)
22:15 Future of Firefox (Tristan Nitot)
22:45 Closing drinks
00:00 End


Name+Picture Description
Brian King:
A picture of Brian King
Long-time Mozilla contributor, Founder of Briks Software and President of Mozdev.
Evgeny Shadchnev:
A picture of Evgeny
Founding developer of InvisibleHand add-on. Enjoys the craftsmanship in software and finds ‘agile’ an intuitive way of making his work fun and productive. Ported InvisibleHand to Jetpack.].
Tobias Leingruber:
A picture of Tobias Leingruber
Tobias' background is web development and visual design. In 2007 he fell in love with FF add-ons and remixing the web. The browser is his operating system. He will show a collection of fun and experimental add-ons.
Myk Melez:
A picture of Myk Melez
Myk built his first Mozilla-based app in 2000 and has worked on a variety of Mozilla projects over the years, including Bugzilla, Firefox, Personas, and Snowl. He currently works on Jetpack, a project to make it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies. He loves to hack.
Nick Nguyen:
A picture of Nick Nguyen
Having previously worked on the Delicious Bookmarks extension at Yahoo!, Nick has learned firsthand how Add-ons can be an essential part of life on the internet. Nick works with the team and the community to figure out the best direction for AMO as it evolves. Along with the entire Add-ons team, he helps drive discussion both within Mozilla and with the greater community on how we can grow and improve. Check out his blog here.
Paul Rouget:
A picture of Paul Rouget
Mozilla Tech Evangelist. Check out his blog.
Justin Scott:
A picture of Justin Scott
Justin developed his first Firefox add-on in 2006 and soon after began volunteering with the development of the Mozilla Add-ons website. As Add-ons Product Manager, he works to improve the add-ons experience for users and developers alike.
Tristan Nitot:
A picture of Tristan Nitot
Tristan has been helping with Mozilla since the beginning and has founded Mozilla Europe in 2003. He is now working on community engagement and communication.


Wednesday, 30 June, 2010

6:30pm to midnight


The Mozilla Add-ons Workshop London will take place at the Hub Kings Cross, 34b York Way, London N1 9AB, UK (see map here).

See the Hub website here


All participants are asked to register by filling in the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop London registration form here.

Food and Drinks

There's nothing worse than hacking on an empty stomach - so we'll make sure to serve free drinks and snacks throughout the evening.

Live Coverage of the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop

Chat:    irc://

NB: there will be no live video stream of the event but all the talks will be videotaped and posted shortly after the event.

Chat: If you want to join the chatter on IRC then please connect to and join the [1]:

/join   #mozlondon10

Flickr: If you plan on tagging your photos of the event on Flickr, please use the following flickr tag: mozlondon10

Stream: We will try to stream the Mozilla Add-ons Workshop live on Air Mozilla Europe. If the streaming doesn't work, we will make sure to have video available post-conference

Twitter: If you plan on tweeting during the event, please use the following twitter hashtag: #mozlondon10

Information & Contact

For any further information, please contact:

  • William Quiviger <william @ mozilla dot com> (english)