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Meet Our Contributors!

Here you will find a list of our most active contributors. Don't hesitate to add yourself!


Leo is the man who mostly works on the themes and helps other communities. He's one of the creators of Mozilla UK and although only 18 years old, he's an active Rep.


Debloper is the current leader of the MCS project. He helps planning new community sites and works on the theme. He's also the member of Mozilla India.


Jan currently helps building other communities and sometimes hacks around on the Wiki. He's one of the creators of Mozilla Antarctica and regularly writes blog posts.


Paul is a Mozilla Contributor who helps us out with Drupal and Community IT. In the past he has been a developer | administrator for &


Kensie always helps us with useful advises. She's been a proud non-coding member of the Mozilla Community since 2005, Founding member of the SUMO team and a Rep.


David, Lead Contributor Engagement Staff, also helps us with his great advises. He's been involved with Mozilla since 1999 and set up community events.