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Mozilla Community Theme is a new theme created by The Royal Order of Design for Mozilla that is an offer for our communities websites.

The theme is open and can be used by anyone with no restrictions. It is intended to help people creating community sites to reduce the amount of designer work and be able to use and customize this theme instead.

The theme must be extremely flexible, allowing color theme changes, background images, three/two/one column layouts of different width and allowing for many different widgets that can be used on community websites.

Header bar

The theme provides a top bar called "header bar" that can be deployed separately from the whole theme. It will allow users to get one unifying element without changing the whole theme to match the offered style.


If you are using any of the three Mozilla trademarks on your website, you should put a footer note for each of them.


  1. Mozilla Community logo - The Mozilla Community Logo is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation
  2. Mozilla logo - © Mozilla is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.
  3. Dino Head - ™ The dino head is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.


The MetaBold font is not freely available ATM, but you can use a similarly looking open source font called Titillium instead.