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Wordpress MCS pack is a customized version of Wordpress that delivers full featured, minimal CMS for Mozilla Community Site.

  • Uses vanilla Wordpress 2.7
  • Provides OpenID support
  • Single Sign On with MCS MediaWiki/forum
  • Provides custom extensions
  • Provides Mozilla Community Theme for Wordpress

Recommended Plugins

  • Mozilla Download Links. It'll be available soon on Hg. Provides BB syntax to add a download box for the most popular Mozilla software. Simply add to a post [mdl]product-version[/mdl] and download links for all platforms will appear there.
  • Mozilla Latest Version provides shortcode (BB syntax like code snippet) you can include on a page to always have the latest download link or version number there.
  • New Tag Cloud Extends functionality of the tagcloud. You can use it to make the tagcloud look closer to the dotclear design of the Mozilla Blog.

What's next