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In August 2012, we met in Toronto to discuss some features that we would like to focus on over the next few months. The discussions are captured in our meeting notes. This page breaks those discussions into individual features and tasks.

Features and tasks

The individual features that we discussed are outlined below. Larger features will be broken down as more detail becomes apparent and necessary.

API Get a doc from a search term
API Research: What else does DevHub need?
API API call for getting everything before the first heading
API API control panel
  • Want to track usage of applications that are using our API.
  • If one of our users is mucking something up, we want to know who.
  • "In the past 24 hours, this API has been used 15 times."
  • Allow people to programatically write to just one section. Could be interesting for most of an article to be manually written but only one section to be automatically written by a bot.
  • Protocol
    • [P1] POST (HTTP Auth)
    • user=email
    • pw=token
  • See bug 780038.
P1 API Argument for limiting items in Feeds API
API Default of 50 items shown in Feeds API
P1 API Research: How can we make the Feeds API more useful?
  • John should contact, Marketplace, DevTools, and others to let them know about our API and ask them what else they need to make it more useful to them.
Code examples Research: How can we meet some must-have code example requirements?
  • Before we get started on code examples, we should figure out what implementation approach would most help us meet some must-have requirements. The discussions we have here will drive the rest of the work we do with code examples.
  • Requirements and meeting notes
  • Set up meeting with Piotr.
  • Meet with Piotr.
Collaboration Sending messages between users
  • Must include a way to show messages from other users.
P1 Collaboration Watching groups
P1 Collaboration Watching individual people
Collaboration Messaging/communication system
Collaboration Ability to send broadcast messages to all editors
Dashboards Recent changes
P1 Dashboards A dashboard minimally viable product
  • Get the infrastructure and some really basic features up. Our plans will become much more concrete once our users have something to play with and use as a point of reference.
Dashboards Research: What's important
  • We mentioned that the dashboard should have a section called "What is important". Figuring out what this means will take some discussion.
  • Related thought from Toronto: If someone has a "JavaScript" tag in their user profile, maybe they could be automatically pointed to JavaScript documentation that needs updating.
Dashboards What has changed
  • Might be useful for localizers.
Dashboards Articles with specific tags/flags
Dashboards Content/translation age (freshness)
Dashboards Following users
  • Show what changes users have made in a certain amount of time.
Dashboards Research: What did we mean by "Review – workflow +1+1 - include in Dashboard review"
  • This was mentioned in Toronto, but the meaning is not clear.
Dashboards Content review
  • Interface for requesting review
  • Interface for reviewing / approving
Dashboards Dashboard preferences / configuration
P1 Dashboards Recent changes
Dashboards Link to the doc tracker
Dashboards Email notifications
  • Email notification should be supported for some of the things listed on the dashboard
Dashboards Filters
  • Language
  • Topic (like JavaScript)
  • User
  • Size of change
P1 Dashboards What to update
  • Based on tags and age.
P2 Dashboards Watchlist items
P2 Dashboards Changed from watched people
P2 Dashboards Changes from watched groups
Dashboards Personal stats
Dashboards Link to user's own profile
Dashboards Notifications
  • By criteria
  • By channel
  • What did we mean by this?
Dashboards Custom saved search
Dashboards Page stats (popular, liked, etc.)
Dashboards Style guide
P1 Dashboards What to translate
Dashboards Language-specific links
  • Glossary and more
Dashboards Localization progress
Dashboards Large deletions
Dashboards New users
Dashboards First edits
Dashboards First uploads
Dashboards Permission requests
Dashboards Site stats
  • Number of node.js processes running
  • How KumaScript is running
  • etc.
Dashboards Items marked as spam
Dashboards Site stats
Dashboards KumaScript errors
Dashboards Template validation errors
Design / user experience Highlight Firefox OS
Design / user experience Highlight Apps and the Marketplace
Design / user experience Mobile friendly website
Design / user experience Section editing
Editing Research: What did we mean by "Code playground"

In Toronto, we mentioned building a "Code playground". What did we mean by this?

Editing Find and replace
  • Site-wide
  • Elastic search?
Editing Moving pages
Editing Easily display demos in MDN documentation
Editing Display XTags demos within MDN documentation
  • Maybe allowing <iframes> but only allowing <iframes> from certain domains.
Editing Research: Should we switch to another WYSIWYG editor?

Some possibilities:

Editing Revert /to/ revision
  • It is very common for four garbage edits to be done at a time, that need to be removed all at once.
Editing A better review and approval workflow
File attachments Deleting attached files
File attachments Research: How should we manage file attachment permissions.
  • In Toronto, we discussed making this easier.
  • Recently, a handful of people from around Mozilla have contacted me about getting permissions to attach files. There are probably people in the community who want to do the same, but don't know who to contact. I think we should look into easier ways of handling this -- either making permissions more automatic or allowing everyone to add attachments while simultaneously putting other things in place to prevent attachment spam.
  • Might want to talk to user experience about this.
File attachments Interface improvements for attaching a file
P1 KumaScript wiki.subpages

This is breaking the JavaScript reference.

Other Master compatibility table
  • Enter information in one place
  • Update where needed (sometimes there are comments needed)
  • Localizable, single source of data
  • Make sure we have the same data across all localized pages
  • API w/ JSON
  • KumaScript that would call the API
  • Notes block (can be localized).
Other Research: What did we mean by "Code snippet - in view source in dev tools."
P3 Other Event manager improvements
  • Calendar improvements
  • Database
  • etc.
Other Research: Pulling in documentation from external resources

This research will feed into our actual work for the feature.

  • Find notes on this from our Brooklyn offsite.
Other Pull in documentation from external resources
  • Documentation pulled from outside sources populates only en-US pages.
  • All translations of those documents live on the Wiki.
  • Sites
    • GitHub
P3 Other Offline browsing
Other RSS feed of changes in all locales.
Other RSS feed generator
  • The user tells the interface...
    • What tags they want to follow
    • What format they want them in
    • etc.
  • Page returns an RSS feed by taking this information and using it in the Feeds API
Other Style guides for trees of documentation
  • A style guide per tree of documentation, though we won't need this in most cases. When you are editing an article within that tree, it should link to that style guide from the top of that page. The style guide doesn't enforce that people would write a certain way, it would just guide people towards writing that way.
  • Might be useful to get some perspective from the user experience team on this. I wonder if there are other ways to make people write docs in a consistent format. Style guides are easy to ignore.

Other Site map
Other Make Kuma standalone, so that other organizations could install it
Other Documented policies
SEO Better page titles
SEO Better keywords and metadata
SEO Standardize terms with industry
SEO SEO Analytics

P1 SEO Prevent search engines from indexing API results
User management Permissions on subtrees of documents