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Browser Compat Project Meeting: 01/03/2016

Attendees: Jeremie, jwhitlock, mbrant, Sheppy, fscholz, Jean-Yves

Discussion topics

  • (Jeremie) Project RASCI Matrix update
  • (Jeremie) Next meetings
    • I suggest a change about this meetings. The goal is to be more efficient and reduce the noise around the project. The suggestion is to split the current meeting as follow:
      • Having an operational weekly meeting with only Jean-Yves, Jeremie, John, and Stephanie to check progress and unlock blocker issues.
      • Having a larger public bi-weekly (or monthly) meeting to review the deliverable and set up the priorities for the next period.

Project status

  • API quite stable now (90%) -> jsonapi "standard" -
  • Data
    • Lot of work to do, but data are in good shape
    • Importer looks okay so far, however:
      • 2500 total issues:
      • Red: 668 (17%) pages with errors
      • Yellow: 359 (9%) pages with warnings
      • Green 2903 (73.4%) pages without issues
      • JavaScript docs: 99% without errors.
      • Majority of the errors:
        • Need to figure out versions.
        • People put in various versions for Android, Chrome for Mobile etc.
        • New versions of Fx, Chrome etc. aren't yet in the API. Need to submit those and re-run import.
        • Footnotes are set on a lot of pages, but not in the standard way.
        • Still about ~500 issues where a section is skipped and we dont know exactly what the problem is.
    • Contribution interface is the biggest part missing
      • Stephanie is wireframing it but is stuck because of some API issues
  • Testing

Decision made

  • RASCI matrix is validated and will be updated as needed
  • Change for the meeting schedule have been approved: Next public project meeting will be January 19th, 2016

Action taken

  • Jeremie: Update meeting schedule