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Details on the very first MDN Work Weekend on March 7-9, in the Mozilla Paris office.


To do actual, tangible work: written idea proposals, designs/mockups, new docs, code, and/or new tools or processes. The goal is to produce something tangible at the end of the three days. We want anyone and everyone to be able to participate and share their idea/feature/product & get it on the radar for 2014.

How it worked

Friday morning, anyone with an idea they want to work on with the team will make a 5-minute "pitch" about that idea. The idea can be a new feature, improvements to current features, new content, improvements to content, new wiki code, or pretty much anything else.

a pitch must include:

  • the idea
  • what will be produced when you are finished (articles, code, requirements doc, etc.)
  • what kind of help you need (User experience design, coding, writing, etc)
  • the pitch will be recorded in an etherpad & on a card for the "idea board"

After all pitches have been made (you don't need to be present to pitch an idea), teams will form to work on the ideas. You can work on 1 idea at a time. Work on ideas may finish before the end of the three days - in that case, the team will pick a new idea (with the same or different members) and work on that.

Etherpad for pitches/teams:

Potential ideas/projects to work on:



23 projects completed in 3 days!

  • Clean up MDN "meta" documentation
    • Completed an inventory of existing meta docs, with a first pass at what should be done with all of the docs
    • Next Steps: Review, iterate & implement
  • MDN Bug Slaughter
    • Status: 137 bugs closed, 356 bugs touched
    • Next Steps: Set up weekly Bug Slaughter session on vidyo
  • Add borders around live samples (Sheppy)
  • Setup a MDN development environment (Maris)
    • Completed for 7 people
  • Killed ALL KumaScript errors on English, German and French documentation. (Jean-Yves, Florian, Sphinx)


Pull down and use MDN page views for database queries or search boosting



  • Thursday, March 6:
    • Travel (everyone should plan to arrive this day/evening)
    • 18:30 (6:30 pm): happy hour/dinner in Paris office
  • Friday, March 7:
    • breakfast at hotel
    • 9:15: Arrive at the Paris office
    • 9:30: Welcome & Introductions - START VIDYO SESSION
    • 10:00: Design our Alliance
    • 10:30: Review Mozilla & MDN goals
    • 11:00: pitch ideas, form teams (minimum of 2 people), determine vidyo for remote participants. END MORNING VIDYO SESSION
    • 12:30: lunch
    • 13:00: Teams meet, set team goals & working agreements
    • 14:00 - 18:00 - make stuff
    • small group dinner
  • Saturday, March 8
    • Breakfast at hotel
    • 9:00: Lightning check in (5 min per project)
    • 9:30: Make stuff
    • 12:30: Lunch
    • 13:15: Lightning check in (5 min per project)
    • 13:30 - 18:00: make stuff
    • small group dinner
  • Sunday, March 9
    • Breakfast at hotel
    • 9:00: Lightning check in (5 min per project)
    • 9:30: Make stuff
    • 12:30: Lunch
    • 13:30: Present results VIDYO SESSION
    • After party & dinner
  • Monday, March 10
    • Travel home, hopefully exhausted

This is going to be an intense, fun and productive weekend!


All travel will be booked through Mozilla's travel agency, ProTravel. Invitees will be contacted by a ProTravel agent to make arrangements.

Transportation to/from the hotel and airport

There are several ways to get to the hotel or office (the office is about a 4 minute walk from the hotel).

The most economical way to get to the hotel from the airport is to take the Roissybus to the Opera stop and walk to the hotel (about 7 minutes walk)

The Paris Rail system is less subject to traffic, but requires you to change trains to get to the hotel. There are two separate transportation systems in Paris - the Metro (subway) and RER (suburban train lines). The RER is the train service that goes to CDG, and there are train stops within CDG airport,


  • Take the RER B line from CDG to Paris - here are very detailed instructions on how to find the station in the airport if you need them.
  • Transfer at Châtelet - Les Halle to the RER A (red) line.
  • Take the RER A towards La Défense
  • Exit at the Auber station, walk out of the ticket gates, and then take exit 4. Rue des Mathurins
  • Head east on Rue des Mathurins toward Rue Scribe
  • Turn left onto Rue Scribe. Walk to the right around the circle, and then turn right on the 2nd street, Bd Haussmann.
  • The hotel will be on your left in about 450m.

Taxi service from the airport will cost approximately 40-50 Euros. There is an etherpad you can use to coordinate with other people attending the meeting - if you have 3-4 people it makes sense to take a taxi.


Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel

Address: 16 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France. Phone:+33 1 44 83 40 40


Breakfast is included in the hotel rate, please eat there at your convenience before heading to the office each day.

Lunch will be catered at the office each day

Dinners will be in small groups, with the exception of Thursday and Sunday, where we will have group dinners. Thursday: dinner/happy hour at the Paris office Sunday: group dinner at a restaurant

There will be an etherpad to sign up for different restaurants each night. PLEASE choose one of the offered restaurants - we will not reimburse you if you go elsewhere.

Office Location & Access

Address: Mozilla Paris 16BIS Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris, France

It's approximately a 4 minute walk from the hotel to the office. From the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel, walk out the front door & go to your left. Walk about 4 minutes; the office will be on your left past a McDonalds & Chipotle. The office is after the "Indiana" restaurant. There is no Mozilla sign! Look for 16BIS above a very large brown the door, the keypad is on the right. There is a "Pret A Manger" shop next to the main door (if you come to the Hard Rock Cafe you have gone too far).

Find Mozilla on the key pad and buzz to be let in. Alternatively, paid staff can use the access code

More information is available on the Paris office wiki page

Some Tips for getting along in Paris

Being polite

  • My #1 tip: Always greet the store clerk when you enter a shop/restaurant/business. Then say goodbye when you leave. Simple French greetings are “bonjour” or “bonsoir” if it is after 6pm, and “au revoir” or “merci” when you leave. If you walk into a business and do not greet the employee/clerk/shop person, they will think you are purposely being rude. They won’t know that you just don’t have the habit of talking to strangers and don’t mean anything by it; they will see the situation through the lens of their own culture and think that you are purposely snubbing them.


  • When addressing a stranger with a question, greet them first, and then ask your question.
  • People generally don't speak loudly, particularly on the Metro or in businesses.



  • Parisians generally do not tip. Service charge is usually included in the bill (which typically carries a mention like "service inclus"). However, if you feel obliged, here is are some good guidelines written by an american chef living in Paris (his whole blog is about Paris as well]

Eating and drinking

Phones/SIM cards


We welcome contributors to MDN - both volunteer and paid staff, old timers and new! However, to keep the sessions as productive as possible, we're limiting the number of attendees (plus, the office can only handle so many). Both contributors and paid staff can apply to attend.

For the March Work Weekend, the application period is now over & invites are in process of being sent to those who were accepted (and notices to those who we can't accommodate this time.) If you missed out this time, don't worry - we'll be holding more Work Weekends in the future!

We’ll make sure to have virtual participation as an option as well. Details to come here soon.