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MEC Firefox Club
University/College: Mailam Engineering College,Anna University
City: Villupuram
Country: India
Contact Info
Club Lead: Mohammed Adam[1]
Club Founder: Khaleel Jageer
Website: [- MEC Firefox Club's Website]
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About Us

MEC Firefox Club is a group of Students Ambassadors which function at Mailam Engineering College, Villupuram. As a Firefox Club, it will give you a chance to meet new people and work as a team to help others learn about Firefox Products.


Inauguration of MEC Firefox Club on 8th August,13.

15/03/2015 WoMoz l10n Event
First of all I thanks to Mohammed Adam, Subashini and Sathish. These people did the background work to make this event successful. And I'm also thank to Mr. Karkee(Founder of Jeevika Academy), Who gave the support to host the event in Jeevika Academy.

Event started with general intro about Free Software Philosophy. This 20min speech given by Mohammed Adam. Then Mr. Karkee talk about History of International women's day and Role of Women in this Society.

Laterally these two people handover the session to Mr. Khaleel Jageer. He started with Technology and Women in technology. Later He went into Mozilla and its project. Then he raised the question about importance of Language to a human. Simultaneously he fired another question importance of mother tongue to a human. This two question make the participants to think more. Ultimately they started to answer with their own point about language. From this involvement he moved the session to Mozilla Tamil Localization and Translation.

First He took Mozilla pootle project then moved to Transifex project and finally Support Mozilla translation.

At-last we distributed some books about feminism to the participants who are all active in throughout the session. Then distributed the Mozilla swags to the participants.

Total Number of Participants = 49 + 6 Volunteers from local Community.
1. Mohammed Adam 2. Subashini
3. Satheesh
4. Priyadharshini
5. Priyadharshini
Thanks to the Volunteers...

Event Photos uploaded here

04/03/2015 WoMoz l10n Event Update
Event Poster Url : WoMoz l10n Event Due to unavailability of College auditorium we made some changes on date and venue. As per the current status We are going to celebrate WoMoz l10n Event on 15th March 2015 at Jeevika Academy, Villupuram.

Mar, 8 International Women's Day.
MEC Firefox Club and MEC Gnu/Linux User Groups(MEC-GLUG) decided to celebrate International Women's Day as a Mozilla Event(WoMoz).
The main purpose of this event is to encourage women participations in Mozilla. Main goal is to involve them into Mozilla Localization and encouraging women's contribution to Mozilla.

After a long discussion with both MEC Firefox Club and MEC-GLUG member we conclude with following 4 hours agenda..
1. Brief talk about "Feminism".
2. Introduction on Mozilla and Firefox OS.
3. Introduction to Localization and Translation.
4. Why to contribute and How to contribute to Mozilla?
5. Motivating more women contributors.

Initially we decided to host this event at Mar, 8. Due to unavailability of auditorium we changed the date of this event to 22-March-2015.
After everything decided we spoke with Mr. Khaleel Jageer who is Founder of MEC Firefox Club and actively contributing with Tamil Mozilla l10n team. He is going to take this Localization Event.

MEC Firefox Club inaugurated with new team members. Mr. Mohammed Adam going to act as a club lead and the college management decided to assign Mr. Lakshman Murugan (Ass. Professor) as Club in-charge.

MEC Firefox Club Team decided to make Mr. Mohammed Adam as a next club lead.

Today i gave "Internet Introduction" to Govt. Higher Secondary School,Kannai, Villupuram Dist. Students. While taking this Session i introduced Mozilla Browser and its Current projects, and DuckDuckGo as well. We expect Max. 200 students, but the school support's me and then Gave Complete co-operation to me. i took that as a one day session, there are 400+ students learned about Internet and Mozilla as well.

Got Permission to Conduct "Mozilla Webmaking" Event in my College. Event Date is 02-Mar-2014.

Today i gave introduction about Mozilla Firefox and its Products to Schools Students(6th-8th & 9th-12th) Starts with Small Video demo(History of Mozilla) at Wiseman Higher Secondary School, Velrampet, Pondicherry.

First Event in WebMaking. . . We planned to conduct an Event in my College for Mozilla Webmaking. . . for that i Discussed with Gauthamraj Elango sir. . .

08-Aug-2013 MEC Firefox Club inaugurated with "FOSS Introduction".

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