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Link to mxr trunk source

Infrastructure shared by Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, and some SeaMonkey-specific code as well (the latter being migrated to suite/ over time).

  • addrbook: Address Book
  • base: Core configuration
    • base/build: Build directory for (shared mail builds)
    • base/ispdata: ISP autoconfiguration files
    • base/prefs: Public preferences UI (account manager, account wizard, what else?)
    • base/public: IDL files and public files for common components, mostly account manager and DB view
    • base/resources: Base mailnews UI, either SeaMonkey-specific or applicable to both
    • base/search: Filter and search code
    • base/src: The source files for base code; mostly account manager-related stuff and the C++ portions of the UI.
    • base/test: Tests code for base (just base/src or all?)
    • base/util: Utility code: generic bases of some interfaces and some classes used across multiple directories.
  • build
  • compose: email composition widget
  • db: The mail file store code
  • extensions
  • imap
  • import
  • local
  • mapi
  • mime: MIME parsing and handling code; also known as libmime.
  • movemail
  • news: The NNTP (news) code of mailnews
  • public