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Maker Party

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  • Maker Party 2014
  • Dates: July 15 - Sept 15, 2014
  • Objective: Maker Party is Mozilla's campaign to teach the web and we're working with a bunch of partners to help teach web literacy (which isn't just about code but learning the web). Web literacy is the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web (our map is how you understand the systematic for those things) and Maker Party is the campaign to get you doing those things.
  • Engagement ladder: Drive people who participate in campaign and move them into contributors by creating a teaching kit, add content to Webmaker and running events
  • Why do we do this: Get people in front of our products/resources, get them interested in what we're doing and learn more about how to get involved

Party Partners


  • Maker Party is a global campaign to promote web literacy, and celebrate learning through making. There are two tiers of partnership:
  • 1) Sponsors and core partners
  • 2) Campaign partners
  • We're looking for campaign partners to do to the following:
    • Promotion
      • Email: (May, June, July) featuring Maker Party as the subject line and first/main message of the email or newsletter. We will provide you with the content for this email blast a week prior to the expected date of dissemination.
      • Social media: We will will provide you with sample content for Twitter, Facebook, etc.
      • Newsletter/Blog Post: For campaign launch, publish a blog post featuring the importance of web literacy and encouraging readers to participate in Maker Party.
      • Logo Support: We would like to list you as a partner on the Maker Party site. If you are willing- please provide a logo and appropriate link.
      • Homepage Link: During Maker Party (July 15-Sept 15) we ask that you include a link from your homepage to the Maker Party site.
    • Host an event (or series of events)
      • Add to listings (including estimated # of people reached)
      • Incorporate Maker Party branding
      • Use #makerparty for social media outreach promoting your event(s)
      • Contribute documentation of activities/resources featured at your event. We can help!


  • Inclusion in press materials and outreach
  • Logo on the Maker Party website
  • Promotion on social media and Mozilla blog
  • Partner call (Google Hangout "On Air" Webcast?) to ask questions and meet other partners - possibly bi-weekly leading up to campaign
  • Bi-weekly email updates (build excitement leading up, show momentum during, encourage sharing their successes leading up to wrap-up)
      • 3 weeks leading up to campaign
      • week of campaign launch
      • every two weeks throughout campaign
  • Assistance with creating open educational resources based on partner event activities to share with others

"Interested in being a partner?" Flow chart