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Add-ons let you personalize your browsing experience in Firefox so you can make it your own. Your participation supports user freedom by ensuring that it remains the most customizable browser available.

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  • Dev-addons: Public mailing list for development of the add-on ecosystem including the site and server extensions.

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  • Add-ons Forum: Discussions about add-on development, add-on support and

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Public Meetings

See a list of all public add-on meetings.

Contribute to the Add-ons Ecosystem

Whether you're technical or not at all, there's a contribution opportunity for you. It's easy to get started, and your efforts help to make Firefox better!

Take a "One & Done" Task

Don't have much time but want to do something to help Add-ons? Pick a 15-minute task.

Create an Add-on

Add-ons for Firefox Desktop

To get started, check out this comprehensive tutorial. It contains documentation, tools and information on how to get in touch with other developers.

Add-ons for Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android supports add-ons using the same extension system used by all other Gecko-based applications. Get started here.

Improve add-ons in Firefox

WebExtensions will become the standard for building add-ons by the end of 2017. It seeks to unify the extension APIs and architecture with those of other browsers in the name of interoperability and modern architecture.

Help Develop Web Extensions APIs

We need your help extending the APIs to support the needs of add-on developers. To get started, please onramp to the Firefox codebase. You'll need to know some JavaScript.

More ways to contribute code

Help Improve (AMO), commonly known as "AMO," is Mozilla's official site for developers to list add-ons, and for users to discover them.

Become an Add-on Reviewer

Volunteer reviewers ensure the security and reliability of add-ons on AMO by testing every submission. Learn how you can join this community.

Rate your favorite add-ons

Search for your favorite add-on at On the add-on's detail page, scroll down to the Reviews section and leave a comment for the developer.

Create a collection

Collections make it easy to keep track of favorite add-ons and share your perfectly customized browser with others. Get started here.

Create a theme

Lightweight themes let you personalize the look of your Firefox. To create your own, start here.

Test add-ons

To help test (AMO), please take a look at this list of tests. To help test specific add-ons, please follow these instructions.

It's also helpful to install the Add-ons Compatibility Reporter and use it to let us know when an add-on is not working properly.

Help add-on users

Answer questions from add-on users in the Firefox Support Forum!

Help add-on developers

If you're already familiar with add-on development or you think you're a good technical writer, help us improve the documentation for add-on developers:

You can also help by translating these docs to a different language (pro tip: try replacing the en-US part of the link above to your native language code).


  • MDN's "localization priorities" list - We're always in need of translators--here are the priority projects for add-ons.
  • Localize an add-on - Join the Babelzilla community and help translate add-ons to your language.
  • Localize - Join Pontoon and translate to your Language.

Contributor Recognition

Report Your Contributions

We want to make sure you're recognized for your contributions!

  1. Create a Mozillians profile if you haven't already.
  2. Add your name and accomplishments on the Recognition wiki page (please be specific--these will be archived by month, so list your recent contributions).

We regularly choose an outstanding contributor (Friend of Add-ons) and send that person a token of appreciation. Any contribution is eligible--it doesn't have to be an opportunity listed on this page!

Friends of Add-ons

Big thanks to these outstanding volunteer contributors!