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Featured Themes

The Featured Themes collection is a rotating collection of themes curated by a team of volunteer community members and staff.

Curator Responsibilities

  • Update the featured collection on a weekly basis with 3 - 5 new themes, as well as remove any themes that have been featured for more than two weeks.
  • Contribute for six consecutive months. At the end of six months, new theme curators will be rotated in. Previous participants are welcome to re-apply after sitting out one six-month cycle.

Criteria for Selecting Featured Themes

Featured themes must:

  • Be of high aesthetic quality, resolution, and composition
  • Reflect a variety of styles, colors, and moods
  • Abide by content guidelines
  • Not be the work of the curator (i.e. you can’t select your own themes!)

Joining the Featured Themes Curation Team

Theme creators who have had accounts for at least three months and are in good standing with the community are invited to apply to become featured themes curators. To apply, please email cneiman [at] mozilla [dot] com with the subject “Application: Featured Themes Curator” and the following information:

  • Briefly tell us why you feel you would make a strong theme curator
  • Submit a link to a sample collection on consisting of at least five themes you feel are feature-worthy
  • Include a link to your profile

Theme reviewers are automatically invited to curate the Featured Themes board.