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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


Krupa Raj, Cosmin Badescu , Florin Mezei, Valentina Peleskei, Victor Carciu, Madalin Cotetiu, Vasilica Mihasca

Previous Action Items

Status Highlights / Agenda

  • Huge amount of issues with the new style refresh - our recommendation is to not push
  • Krupa's note on Style refresh : don't mark Editor Tools visual changes as blockers until they block functionality. Use "block-release" label caoutiously
  • We were not able to verify fixes on Style refresh because of -dev issues. A bug was opened and devs are on it.
  • Stage was reverted to old style
  • Ica : devs are very happy that you are verifying bugs for webextensions - team should help because there are more than 200 bugs
  • Marketplace changes were not pushed Yesterday
  • Tomorrow is the last day on Marketplace
  • We asked Krupa to send a reply on Platform OSes email from Ica in order to start and open tickets for our IT

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • Test again AMO on Stage with the old style
  • Split the team to perform release with old style and exploratory with new style on -dev
  • Victor to review AMO tests on Moztrap
  • Sanity on MP tomorrow