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This wiki is used by the contributors to the Mozilla MathML Project to plan and document the development of the MathML implementation and other project related work. For documents on authoring MathML content please see the Guidelines for Authoring MathML.

Project goals

  • To provide a high quality implementation of Presentation MathML 3
  • To promote flawless interoperability between MathML implementations
  • To promote the use of open standards on the Web

The Team

  • Karl Tomlinson (karlt) - Module Owner
  • Robert O'Callahan (roc) - Peer Reviewer
  • Frédéric Wang (fredw) - Mentor for newcomers
  • Florian Scholz (fscholz) - MDN Documentation Writer
  • Raniere Silva (raniere) - MathML and Firefox OS enthusiastic
  • Xuan Hu (huxuan) - MathML and LaTeX enthusiastic

Meeting Notes

In chronological reverse order:

Getting involved

So you want to get involved in the Mozilla MathML project? Great! There are many ways to contribute to the project and help us improving Mozilla's MathML implementation.

First you can test Release, Beta or Aurora builds and report bugs. You may also want to try the latest MathML developments by downloading experimental nightly builds with MathML patches applied.

You can also help up maintaining the MDN pages about MathML. For example you can pick MathML items from bugs needed documentation.

Finally, if you know C++ you can contribute to the Mozilla codebase. For instance, mentored bugs or student projects. It is also worth considering bugs marked helpwanted.

Get in touch with other MathML community members in #mathml on

Implementation status

See the status page. For a general overview of the MathML status in 2013, see the slides from the innovation fairs of the Mozilla Summit.


Below is the list of MathML bugs classified according to their priority field (see David's suggestion).

Here is a list of MathML bugs that received votes:

Planning for MathML

Last bugs fixed

MathML Source Code

The majority of the MathML code lives in files under the directories:

MathML tests are available here: