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From Henri Sivonen's "What is EME?":

Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) is a JavaScript API for playing DRMed video content in HTML. A DRM component called a Content Decryption Module (CDM) decrypts, decodes, and displays the video. A JavaScript program coordinates the process using the EME API to pass messages between the CDM and a server that provides decryption keys and content.


Hollywood studios require companies that license movies for streaming use DRM between the streaming company and the end user. On the Web, this has traditionally been done by using the Microsoft PlayReady DRM component inside the Silverlight plug-in or the Adobe Access DRM component inside the Flash Player. As the Web platform gains more capabilities, general purpose plug-ins like Silverlight or Flash can be phased out.


  • Anthony Jones <ajones>, Gecko Media engineering manager
  • Henri Sivonen <hsivonen>, EME standardization
  • Chris Pearce <cpearce>, engineer: EME
  • Edwin Flores <eflores>, engineer: EME
  • Bob Owen <bowen>, engineer: Windows CDM sandboxing
  • Georg Fritzsche <gfritzsche>, engineer: CDM plugin UX
  • Matt Noorenberghe <MattN>, engineer: EME UI
  • Sevaan Franks <sfranks>, UX designer
  • Chris AtLee <catlee>, release engineer
  • Chris Peterson <cpeterson>, program manager
  • Joe Cheng <jcheng>, Firefox OS product manager
  • Marco Chen <mchen>, Firefox OS Connected Devices engineering manager
  • CJ Ku <cku>, Firefox OS Multimedia Platform engineering manager


Platform Support

Which streaming services use which DRM on which platforms?

Service Windows Vista–10 Windows XP Mac OS X Linux
Amazon Video Widevine CDM Silverlight Widevine CDM Widevine CDM?

(Widevine CDM on Chrome)

Netflix Widevine CDM Silverlight Widevine CDM Widevine CDM
YouTube Widevine CDM Flash Access Widevine CDM Widevine CDM?

(Widevine CDM on Chrome)


Deliver EME for Firefox on Windows Vista and later.
Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Keywords Assigned to Status
1016711 [EME] Clean up MediaKeyError NEW
1021232 [META] EME Sandbox for Linux meta Jed Davis [:jld] ⟨⏰|UTC-7⟩ ⟦he/him⟧ NEW
1038527 Reduce resource consumption <video> elements in Desktop Firefox NEW
1066857 Security Review: EME plugins NEW
1112895 Design and implement EME equivalent of "Privacy -> Show Cookies" UI to enumerate and remove origins' EME/DRM license information NEW
1136491 [EME] Query for GMP updates if content requests a newer CDM version NEW
1141888 GMPParent::AbortAsyncShutdown doesn't really stop GMPChild from sending AsyncShutdownComplete NEW
1150375 GMP storage entries get created for origins using the Clear Key CDM NEW
1152170 [EME] test_eme_persistent_sessions should handle multi-stream cases NEW
1152952 Support throttled CDM updates NEW
1153032 [EME] Make tests more predictable NEW
1163880 Implement gmp-clearkey decoder for Mac NEW
1164925 31.1% win7 main normal file io bytes regression on inbound (v.40) from revision b3d61b6150fd [talos_regression] perf, regression NEW
1173650 Restore edts in bipbop A/V sync test videos NEW
1174018 [EME][GMP] Too many video elements in EME tests cause timeouts NEW
1184703 [Netflix] error F7053-1807: not called back (within 8 second timeout) NEW
1187128 [EME][GMP] Child should stop processing messages once an unrecoverable error has happened NEW
1187200 [EME] EME Tests sometimes show cryptic [object Event] errors NEW
1187903 Intermittent test_eme_playback.html, test_eme_stream_capture_blocked_case2.html, test_eme_stream_capture_blocked_case3.html | Test timed out [tests disabled on Windows][leave open] intermittent-failure, regression NEW
1188725 [EME] EME playback test should wait for loadeddata before playing NEW
1191200 Implement EncryptedAudioSink for EME HW CDM rendering data path NEW
1264461 [EME] Nuke GMP storage when profile copied between machines NEW
1282885 Intermittent dom/media/test/test_eme_persistent_sessions.html | video-only with 2 keys, CORS-1 rejected, reason=InvalidStateError: Promise still outstanding at MediaKeys shutdown intermittent-failure NEW
1297033 Include URLs in GMP crash reports NEW
1306535 [EME] "waitingforkey" not fired if MediaKeys not set on HTMLMediaElement NEW
1322517 [EME] Remove support for EME on insecure contexts site-compat NEW
1464822 EME: Some encrypted content can't ever worked on Android NEW
1489739 Stream capture of an encrypted audio element is allowed NEW
1492377 [meta] Add cbcs encryption scheme support meta NEW
1714626 Gecko only stores one set of crypto information for sample descriptions even if multiple are present in the stsd box NEW
1721438 [Meta] Clearkey CDM meta NEW
1739158 EME/Netflix content does not interact well with media controls such as media keys or bluetooth headset controls [media-netflix] REOPENED
1753300 Investigate removing CDM throughput limiting code NEW

33 Total; 33 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);