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Tues, March 18 at 10am Pacific.


1) Stand-ups:

  • Active developers will give a 3 minute (or less) stand up focusing on -
    • what are you currently working on that the team is following/tracking (please give the bug number) and when do you think you'll be done?
    • what are you moving onto next?
    • have you hit any problems (especially unexpected problems)?
  • jesup -
    • AEC in gUM working with padenot's patches
      • Needs cleanup and kludge removal
    • Landed datachannel speedup by disabling Nagle (games)
    • no new echo problems reported
  • padenot -
    • aec in gum MSG support work in good shape, going through try at the moment
    • audio output fixes on some weird sound card on windows
    • though about unit testing AEC using web audio and convolvers without having to setup a room and everything
  • ekr -
    • Working to fix bug in OpenH264 work (main thread contention) - giving it to Josh to finish fixing
    • Working on draft PRD for Loop
    • Working to resolve licensing issue for MLP
    • Working on XMPP/IM investigation
  • abr -
    • Getting spun up on what happened during my absence
    • Putting together architecture description ( ) -- diagrams up there for most interesting use cases, need to add descriptions of messages.
  • mt -
    • more identity stuff blocked on https on android/b2g (907770), android works, b2g in try now
    • looking to get some code reviews real-soon-now
  • ehugg -
    • Bug 983504 - Make GUM able to pull screen into a MediaStream - new initiative to have WebEx team put screensharing features into WebRTC.
    • New etherpad for openh264 integration into FF -
  • jib -
    • landed a/v sync status to about:webrtc and telemetry (Bug 964127)
    • landed RTT to about:webrtc (Bug 970682)
    • landed getStats fix to RTCP timestamps/remote packets/bytes received (Bug 970686) and re-enabled RTCP tests (skips rtcp timestamp tests on XP because of known clock drift), still need to file upstream
    • still working on width/height constraints (Bug 907352)
    • preparing UserMediaSettings proposal for Thursday for the w3c teleconference next Thursday
  • bwc -
    • Waiting on telemetry reviews
    • Doing patch reviews for PCP Implementation for the next few days
  • gcp - Unavailable for meeting.
    • Incorporating Opus optimization for mobile (FxOS)
    • Moving load adaptation work forward
    • Will be looking at H.264 h/w codec integration
  • drno (Nils) -
    • Working on resolving the undefined intermittent failures
  • dmose -
    • catching up from last week
    • out this thurs & friday for family health issue
    • working with Std8 to get client-side call stuff unblocked, review up next
  • standard8 -
    • Reviews of various server & client code
    • Looking at how to get shipped code loaded into Firefox chrome/content space with the right permission levels - have several options available
    • Helped complete desktop demo for getting a call url (on loop-ui-initial branch)
  • tOkeshu -
  • niko -
    • worked on setting up a backbone app for the panel
    • loop-client repository setup
    • blockers:
      • simplepush -> emulation using websockets (wip)
      • chrome urls support in social api (working with a tmp patch in adam's repo for now)
      • FxA -> uuid -> FxA eventually?
  • alexis -
  • pkerr -
    • Bug 768968 - posted patches and received nits, requests and corrections. Will be cleaning up the patches and splitting some patches into library specific collections. For example, separating /media/mtransport and /media/libpx, etc. (This is due to my going too broadly into /media with warning fixes.)
    • Moving on to whatever cool thing the Randell has for me.
  • blassey - will be landing UI for tab sharing in Firefox for Android this week (bug 928096)

2) Discussion:

a) Loop MLP/MVP - scope and scheduling (Bug 972866 , Bug 971986)

  • Server -MLP
    • FxA - when you log into for FxA from Loop, you log into Sync
    • Work around for Push (until it's ready) using web sockets -- Per DougT keeping a web socket open for initial production should be ok.
    • Transition Server to Services this week?
  • Client - MLP
    • Goal to get a basic A/V call up at end of this week. Blockers?

b) Platform quality for Loop(Bug 970426)

  • Goal is to get all the essentials (known problems and critical tests) by Gecko 32.
  • Landing talos tests and adding to them will be important, also telemetry
  • I want to update from upstream soon, also upstream patches though that's lower priority
  • Need to monitor upstream patches/bugs more closely.
  • A few media element bugs we need to get addressed (video size in, loadedmetadata width/height, etc)
  • Tuning gcp's load/bandwidth adaptation patch (important)

c) Orange Factor: tons of oranges for the unexpected-callback with "undefined" -- all appear to be in b2g-emulator runs

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  • Reminder to dogfood whenever possible: Use WebRTC for chats within the team whenever possible (prefer to IRC, etc if possible)
  • Reviews:
    • Reminder to handle review requests in a timely manner (previously discussed), and to raise any design issues early if possible, preferably outside of the the review process (in the bug, email, IRC, calls, whatever makes sense)
  • Next meeting with tokbox will be today, March 18 at 2pm, Pacific.


WebRTC Uplift Bugs:

Spec Issue Bugs:

Turn Bugs:

Intermittent failures in WebRTC Automation:

Crashes in WebRTC: