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Firefox 44 WebRTC/WebAudio Release Notes:

Full listing of all WebRTC/WebAudio bugs marked as Fixed in Firefox 44:

WebRTC bugs: Bugzilla search for WebRTC bugs marked Fixed in Firefox 44

WebAudio bugs: Bugzilla search for WebAudio bugs marked Fixed in Firefox 44

Noteworthy Changes:

IMPORTANT: We've unprefixed the main WebRTC APIs:

  • mozRTCPeerConnection
  • mozRTCSessionDescription
  • mozRTCIceCandidate
  • HTMLMediaElement.mozSrcObject.

We will continue to support the prefixed APIs for several releases and will publish a PSA *before* we drop support for the prefixed APIs, but *please* update your implementations as soon as you can. (See bug 1155923.)

Other noteworthy changes:

Bug tickets fixed in Firefox 44 (full list):

Core (General) WebRTC:

bug 1113443: Replace rtpmap:111 NULL/0 with something more sensible

bug 1155923: Unprefix WebRTC

bug 1207416: Telemetry for time spent in different load states

bug 1207784: RTCPeerConnection in add-ons broke in 42

bug 1210347: Don't automatically uppercase the first character of the connection types in about:webrtc

bug 1210852: getUserMedia is doing capability enumeration on the main thread

bug 1213738: LambdaRunnable should move lambda instead of copying it

bug 1216769: getUserMedia trunk logging bugs (illegal mem access on B2G) with NSPR_LOG_MODULES=MediaManager:5


bug 953265: getUserMedia captures at 16Khz

bug 1192170: GetUserMedia MediaStream.stop() should no longer be used but is still required to get rid of permission indicator after stopping all local tracks

bug 1206900: Telemetry for type of tracks obtained from getUserMedia

bug 1206982: getUserMedia spec switched from PermissionDeniedError to SecurityError

bug 1211658: GUM constraints for screen sharing don't affect framerate

bug 1214675: Crash in mozilla::camera::PCameras::Transition(mozilla::camera::PCameras::State, mozilla::ipc::Trigger, mozilla::camera::PCameras::State*)


bug 1158404: [e10s] Leak of DataChannelShutdown

bug 1178091: Implement RTC-DataChannel-bufferedAmountLow event

bug 1206465: Remove ice_ctx from TestStunTcpServer

bug 1206981: [e10s] disable ICE TCP under e10s until bug 1179345 lands

bug 1207451: Remove TCP framing as an option from ICE TCP

bug 1208096: Server-reflexive candidates that are obtained from TURN servers do not always finish initializing

bug 1208176: ice_unittests is broken, again

bug 1211389: Crash in nr_ice_candidate_mark_done when setting up WebRTC calls

bug 1214279: Websocket disconnected in firefox beta 42.0b5

bug 1215616: wrong raddr and rport in srflx ice candidates

bug 1215679: Disable AddressSanitizer ODR checking for cppunittests

bug 1216815: |TestStunTcpServer::accept_cb| leaks |wrapsock| if |nr_socket_getfd| fails


bug 1207824: Add Telemetry for call type, simultaneous tracks, and renegotiations

bug 1209744: Implement RTCPeerConnection canTrickleIceCandidates attribute

bug 1211091: Amount of streams per data channel ignores upper limit check

bug 1212907: a=rid attribute support

bug 1212908: Update a=simulcast to 03 draft

bug 1213937: Update RTCCertificate hash handling

bug 1215519: We shouldn't ship RTCCertificate.expires as a Date

Audio/Video:MediaStreamGraph (MSG):

bug 1103188: Implement MediaStream.addTrack()/removeTrack()

bug 1170958: Refactor DOMMediaStream to accommodate Clone(), AddTrack(), RemoveTrack(), etc.

Media Recording:

bug 1182426: Make MediaRecorder support all image formats

bug 1210286: Make MediaRecorder work with canvas captureStream on Android and B2G


bug 864171: Problem in converting retrospective AudioParam event times to track ticks on context that has had no nodes

bug 1020370: WebAudio: Assertion failure: skipFracNum < 2147483647 (mBeginProcessing is wrong?)

bug 1053011: AudioContext currentTime is not aligned with processing blocks

bug 1069825: Setting a value curve twice with the same startTime and duration should not throw

bug 1110344: setValueCurveAtTime is off by one frame

bug 1180940: Handle AudioContext::CreateAudioChannelAgent() failing

bug 1198386: Intermittent test_webaudioNotification.html | Test timed out, test_webaudioNotificationStopOnNavigation.html | Test timed out

bug 1200579: Stop copying AudioParam timelines

bug 1203616: Noisy/distorted audio on Web Audio demo (Ring Modulator from BBC) -- Uplifted to Fx42

bug 1203836: Clicks with looping media element source stream -- Uplifted to Fx43

bug 1205540: skip processing of inactive audio nodes

bug 1205558: track audio node engine time only on the destination node

bug 1206362: Assertion failure: aParam >= 0, at c:/Users/mozilla/debug-builds/mozilla-central/dom/media/webaudio/AudioBufferSourceNode.cpp:12

bug 1207003: remove unnecessary tracks from AudioNodeStreams

bug 1208318: test_scriptProcessorNode_playbackTime1.html assumes that AudioContext runs on same clock as setTimeout

bug 1208327: make enum AudioContextOperation strongly typed and forward declare instead of including AudioContext.h

bug 1209286: remove now unnecessary StreamTimeToDOMTime and DOMTimeToStreamTime

bug 1209904: Optimize OscillatorNode::ComputeCustom

bug 1210266: use parameter index instead of node callback for sending timeline events

bug 1210267: simplify AudioNode/AudioParam custom final release

bug 1210280: use nullptr for silent channels in UpMixDownMixChunk

bug 1214493: AudioBufferSourceNodes scheduled in a sequence are no longer seamless when buffer sample rate doesn't match context

bug 1214545: Update getFrequencyResponse to have NaN at index with invalid frequencies

bug 1215096: off-by-one error in playback position of resampled buffers

bug 1216081: OscillatorNodeEngine::mFinalFrequency is used uninitialised

bug 1218694: Return the AudioNode connected to when calling AudioNode.connect()