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Firefox 47 WebRTC/WebAudio Release Notes:

Full listing of all WebRTC/WebAudio bugs marked as Fixed in Firefox 47:

WebRTC bugs: Bugzilla search for WebRTC related bugs marked Fixed in Firefox 47

WebAudio bugs: Bugzilla search for WebAudio bugs marked Fixed in Firefox 47

Noteworthy Changes:

  • Recording:
    • Periodic blinking is fixed (See bug 1234230)
    • Fire error if mime type is unsupported (See bug 963238)
    • Recorded videos of longer than a few seconds would not play (See bug 1213775)
  • Clear screen and other privacy improvements to about:webrtc (See bug 1209252)
  • Make RTCRtpSender.setParameters return a promise. (See bug 1247622)
  • Add support for RTCRtpEncodingParameters.scaleResolutionDownBy (See bug 1244913)
  • Increase buffer sizes on older Windows to avoid packet loss at very high (HD) bitrates (bug 1217677); allow Jumbo ethernet frames when in e10s mode (bug 1252755)
  • MediaStream in video element doesn't guarantee video size on "loadedmetadata" (See bug 1240478)
  • Firefox always sends full band Opus audio even though the negotiation specifies wideband audio (bug 1249098); support negotiation of mono Opus (bug 818618). Also fixed no audio on browser side when Opus payload types in offer and answer do not match (bug 1221473).
  • High CPU usage on some systems when IPV6 interfaces are configured (See bug 1224845)

Bug tickets fixed in Firefox 47 (full list):

Core (General) WebRTC:

bug 1209252: about:webrtc should have a clear screen button

bug 1217677: Video Packet drop when sending video at 1920 Kbps

bug 1221786: about:webrtc includes calls from private browsing mode even after last pb session is closed

bug 1241064: getStats API returns 0 values for some attributes for audio

bug 1241321: No RTCP stats for audio streams

bug 1242199: Intermittent test_peerConnection_simulcastOffer.html | Test timed out

bug 1244913: Add support for RTCRtpEncodingParameters.scaleResolutionDownBy

bug 1247622: Make RTCRtpSender.setParameters return a promise.

bug 1249860: Add simulcast test for resolution scaling

bug 1250990: Make RTCRtpEncodingParameters.maxBitrate and scaleResolutionDownBy work with H.264 in unicast at least.

bug 1251714: use UniquePtr instead of ScopedDeletePtr in media/

bug 1251737: Remove remaining references to MOZILLA_XPCOMRT_API from media

bug 1252163: TestNrSocketTest::CheckTcpConnectivity does not wait for readable/writeable when necessary

bug 1252699: Build error on ubuntu 15.04 with an arm-hf toolchain

bug 1252901: don't use ScopedFreePtrTraits in MediaEngineWrapper.h


bug 1177242: Video device access needs to re-verify UX permissions

bug 1237816: Crash in MediaStreamGraph GraphDriver::SetGraphTime when accepting separate video then audio gum calls

bug 1240478: MediaStream in video element doesn't guarantee video size on "loadedmetadata"

bug 1242991: aurora branch fails to build against system libvpx after this week's merge

bug 1243607: Re-enable webrtc bandwidth prefs (to override adaptive bandwidth settings)

bug 1245216: full_duplex getUserMedia audio wasn't getting properly plumbed through to MediaStreams

bug 1248335: Configure's version check of libvpx is not enough

bug 1249098: Firefox always sends full band Opus audio even though the negotiation specifies wideband audio

bug 1249244: Fix b2g bustage introduced by bug 1177242

bug 1250540: Screen share stops working in Firefox Nightly

bug 1251357: MediaStreamTrack.stop does not stop the track

bug 1252737: WebrtcMediaCodecVP8VideoEncoder::InitEncode is invalid function define


bug 1214269: WebRTC file transfer, data channel stale

bug 1224845: High CPU usage while using WebRTC

bug 1231971: Teach mtransport NAT simulator to support e10s (and also TCP)

bug 1231973: Hook the mtransport NAT simulator up to the pref system, to allow it to be used in browser testing

bug 1239870: Convert mtransport CppUnitTests to mozilla gtests

bug 1244338: crash in nr_ice_ctx_destroy_cb

bug 1246011: SDP answer chooses dynamic payload type without rtmap over lower priority codec

bug 1246363: relay_only option can cause major confusion

bug 1246925: [Static Analysis][Explicit null dereferenced] In function RefPtr<NrIceCtx> NrIceCtx::Create

bug 1247536: Fix -Wunreachable-code warning in media/mtransport

bug 1247547: WEBRTC_ICE_ADD_CANDIDATE* reports errors twice

bug 1247619: Warn app devs when they try to use OAuth for STUN

bug 1251214: R_WOULDBLOCK can cause STUN client failure in nr_stun_client_send_request

bug 1252171: TestNrSocket does not update last-used timestamps for TCP port mappings

bug 1252585: TestStunServer::Reset does not clear received_ct_

bug 1252755: e10s max packet size doesn't allow jumbo frames

bug 1252777: Disable passive ICE TCP sockets until bug 1179345 lands

bug 1253198: Add common prefix to all ice unit tests


bug 818618: Implement Opus stereo/mono codec configuration and SDP handling

bug 1221473: No audio on browser side when Opus payload types in offer and answer do not match

bug 1241153: Find some way to make setParameters and GMP init less fragile

bug 1246501: jsep_track_unittest missing LockImpl signals

bug 1247656: Validate that a reoffer does not reorder m-sections, or change their media type

bug 1248770: sdp_unittests fails when libc++ is used

bug 1249369: use UniquePtr instead of nsAutoArrayPtr in MediaPipeline.cpp

bug 1252073: Uninitialised value uses in mozilla::EncodingConstraints::operator==


bug 1158741: Implement a version of omxSP_FFTInv_CCSToR_F32_Sfs in openmax DL's FFT that is not scaled

bug 1241499: Initialize the HRTF database lazily

Audio/Video:Cubeb :

bug 1243275: Update in-tree cubeb to pick up device-change-notification changes and a pulse fix

Audio/Video:GMP (Gecko Media Plugin):

bug 1236680: Result "not reached" crash in mozilla::gmp::GMPChild::ProcessingError()

bug 1246763: Refactor GMP info file parsing into helper class

bug 1246835: Reduce #ifdefs pain in GMPChild.cpp

bug 1247556: Use GMPInfoFileParser in GMPParent::ReadGMPMetaData()

bug 1247763: Remove info file parsing from GMP child process

bug 1249424: remove nsAutoArrayPtr usage from dom/media/gmp/

Audio/Video:MediaStreamGraph (MSG):

bug 1239893: Add gonk SidebandStream handling to DOMHwMediaStream

bug 1247395: use UniquePtr for control messages in MediaStreamGraphImpl

Audio/Video:Media Recording:

bug 963238: Media Recording - If the file's mime type cannot be recorded on the target platform, then fire an onerror callback indicating that the mime type is not supported

bug 1213775: VP8 automatic resizing breaks ffmpeg-based players

bug 1234230: MediaRecorder video blob has blinking when recording both image and audio

bug 1243611: VP8TrackEncoder is not calling vpx_codec_encode correctly on EOS