Meida/WebRTC/libsrtp Update Process

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The main repository for libsrtp is maintained by Cisco and hosted on GitHub: It is vendored into our tree inside third_party/libsrtp/src. Inside of the parent directory there is a log of the updates in srtp_update.log and an update helper script

Steps to update the repository:

  1. Checkout the desired release of libsrtp from GitHub
  2. Revert any existing patches (if any) that we have applied on top of the current vendored version
  3. Follow the instructions inside of the update script to vendor a new version
  4. Reapply the patches reverted in step one
  5. Make any changes necessary to accommodate build changes
  6. Commit the new version
  7. Sanity test against common services using other browsers as one of the clients
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Cisco Webex
    • Google Meet
    • Conference servers

Moving to updatebot

It may be possible to use mozilla-services/updatebot to keep libsrtp up to date. There is a bug to support this from the updatebot side here.