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Confirmed Activities

  • Speaking opportunities (Details):
    • Conference (Room Magistral - Monday (Nov. 3 - 16.00-17.00)) Chris Hoffman. Mozilla and the Third Phase of the Internet Revolution
    • Conference (Room Magistral - Tuesday (Nov. 4 - 16.00-17.00)) John Resig . Advanced jQuery: How jQuery works, and what to expect for 1.3
    • Workshop (Room Mixta - Tuesday (nov. 4 - 11.00-12.00)) Chris Hoffman and Ricardo Meza. How to get involved with Mozilla Mexico and the Mozilla Project
      • need to get started on an outline and [link here]

Potential Activities

  • Conference
    • (Chofmann, please)
  • Workshop
    • Introduce and promote the es-MX language pack
    • Translating with Narro
    • Maybe some cools features and Add-ons of Fierfox for web development/graphic design
    • Promoting the Mozilla products translation to the Mexican Languages
    • (Chofmann, please)
  • Press (interviews) and promoting
    • Conduct interviews with reporters present at the conference on Mozilla Mexico and the new languages packs: Mexican Spanish (es-MX) and Zapotec (zap-MX-diiste)
    • There will be a press room at October, 22 at Cancun
    • Party. Opportunity to do a single Firefox party or participate in the Closing MexicoWeb2.0 party sharing the total costs with the organizers, they say that depending of the numbers of guests (costs per person 35 dollars x 600 tickets)
    • Stand. We can have an stand (3x3m2) if mozilla partly sponsored the party (image)
    • Swag...
    • (Mary, please)

Event's data

  • Exhibition area: 3,250m2
  • More than 40 stands, visitors expected during the event are more than 3,200.
  • Most of the audience are business directors, consultants, professionals and students, mostly enterprise companies that make internet content.
  • About taking part between 2,500 and 3,000 people from the south-southeats, center and north of Mexico
  • Cost of the Sponsor Packages (mexican pesos/approximately dollars) Include a lot of stuff (for example, gold: 400,000 flyers, 50,000 posters, 100 spots on radio, 2 Adjutant (beautiful people in the stand), stand, etc.
    • Gold: 150,000/13,636
    • Silver: 100,000/9,000
    • Bronze: 75,000/7,000