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  • Theme: the Megazord meeting.
  • When: January 9 - 12, 2012 in Toronto
  • Who: everyone who works for MoFo plus David Ascher and Avi Bryant

Tentative schedule

Thursday - January 12

  • Vision for next 6 months
  • Get shit done sessions
    • Throw decisions here:
    • Session 1 - 11:15 - 12:00
      • Learn Popcorn design (son of BAVC) - (BM + JK)
      • OBI team planning with David Ascher - BB (with DA, CC, SL) ~2h
      • Job spec writing sprint (MS)
      • Messaging clinics 1-on-1 with Matt (MT)
      • Event calendar butcher paper. Drop-in. (Michelle T)
      • Or, pick one of the things below
    • Session 2 - 12:00 - 12:45
      • OBI team website planning/review (w/ BB, SL, CC, RB)
      • Hacktivity kit meets Event Kit - (MT, JK, ML, etc.)
      • Xray goggles + PopcornMaker - making it easy to remix templates (BM, AV, BR, DA, MS)
      • Messaging clinics 1-on-1 with Matt (MT)
      • Or, pick one of the things below
    • 1:45 - open sessions - work w/ people you need to
      • Hack MoJo Branding: "Kill the Dino" peer assist. WE WANT YOU, YES YOU, TO HELP (Dan)
      • PBS Newshour + Mozilla 2012 Election project, and other Popcorn+MoJo collab - BM (DS GM)
      • Shortlist of things to focus on for the first and second quarters for paladin (AK)
      • Mojo finance and hiring meetings
      • Ross, Bobby and Atul do a design review of badges work (BB)
      • Tech goals for next 2 quarters for popcorn (BR)
      • Need to talk to US Ignite team about IT needs (David Ascher and BM)
      • Jess and Michelle L getting on the same page
  • 3:00 - Demo party / w drinks and snacks
  • 4:00 - Brief closing circle
  • Dinner at Queen and Beaver (6pm)


  • Breakfast: Monday January 9th there will be a welcome breakfast in the Mozilla Toronto office. Every other day breakfast is included with your room so please get up early enough to have breakfast before you make your way over to the office.
  • Lunch: Will be provided every day you are here in the office.
  • Dinner: Will be provided most days. See below.


Schedule archive

Monday - January 9

  • Pancake breakfast in office (8am)
  • Morning - programmed (9am)
    • Opening circle / get to know each other
    • X-Ray Goggles meets Popcorn Maker (hands on)
  • Afternoon - open for working sessions - (2pm)
    • Session 1 - 215 - 345
      • Popcorn team - roadmapping - BG
      • Make Lovebombs-not War- help design next iteration of bombs - JK/AV/EK/BS/RM
      • Engaging Influencers - Mark and Barbara
      • Which web skill should we teach? - Michelle
      • [advertise working sessions here, add your initials]
    • Session 2 - 400 - 530
    • Needs to be scheduled
      • Hive budget discussion - CL, LD, MW maybe MS)
  • MoFo team dinner (6pm)
      • Drinks convo: Hacktivity course on P2PU project update/next steps - EK (with JK and AV) (start over drinks and see if we need an additional session)

Tuesday - January 10

  • Morning - programmed (9am)
    • Opening circle
    • Design Web-Making 101 Events for MoJo / Hive / Popcorn (hands on)
    • Individual and group goal setting discussion
  • Afternoon - open for working sessions (1pm)
  • Afternoon - open for working sessions - (2pm)
    • Session 1 - 145 - 245
      • Learning team - roadmapping - EK
      • Brand planning session - RM
      • Hosting and legal for MoFo web services - DA
      • [advertise working sessions here, add your initials]
    • Session 2 - 300 - 400
      • Learning team - roadmapping - EK
      • Learning Labs Best Practices from Matt, Phillip, Ben, Michelle, others? as Peer assist UsIgnite - KL
      • Paladin team - discussion and roadmapping - ACK
      • Demos of learning to code tools (e.g. Squeek) - AB
      • [advertise working sessions here, add your initials]
    • Session 3 - 415 - 515
      • Learning team - roadmapping - EK
      • Festival 2012 vision jam - Games, Freedom and the web - MichelleT, Gunner (maybe Mark)
      • Help Hive plan "Hack the Constitution" youth event - April event for youth to explore webmaking through the context of freedom of speech, SOPA, etc. - CL, LD
    • [advertise working sessions here, add your initials]
  • Wine and cheese w/ MozToronto office (6pm)
    • Do dinner in self organized small groups

Wednesday - January 11

  • Morning - programmed (9am)
    • Opening circle
    • Badges for web makers design jam (hands on)
  • Group 1 (11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)
    • What are the 5 templates MoFo programs need for Popcorn Maker? (Brett)
    • Hackfest Outcomes: How to boxing up win, Claim victory. (Dan, MichelleT, Gunner)
    • Badges deep dive (Erin et al)
    • Designing (Ryan and Ross)
  • Group 2 (1:30 - 3 p.m.)
    • Creating a developer community at MoFo (Developers + Gunner)
    • Telling your personal story - (Ben Simon)
    • DML Stage 2 recruitment - (Erin w/ MS, CC, MT) (maybe call with MacA)
    • DavidA office hours if anyone's interested.
  • Group 3 (3:15 - 4:45 p.m.)
    • What does MoFo need from Betafarm if anything? (David, RM, MS)
    • Learn Popcorn: curriculum and service design (Ben w/ Popcorners, learning folks)
    • Webmaking 101 for Journalists: hacking the thing (Dan Sinker w/ Brian & Atul)
    • Software Carpentry: what should we be trying to do and how will we tell if we succeeded? (Greg Wilson)
  • Parking lot
    • Dan/Ryan/Marilyn Fellow Contract/Payment/Visa Meeting (Dan w/ RM MW) (5:15 p.m.)
  • Youth as Webmakers meetup in Toronto office (6pm)


1. Biggest goal: connect as a team.

We all did great work on our own projects in 2011. Now we need to snap these projects -- and ourselves -- into something bigger.

This means understanding each other's projects better and working as a team. And, more concretely: it means working on shared priorities (see below).

If all we do in Toronto is get better at this, we'll be in good shape.

2. Also: make early progress on shared 2012 goals.

As a tangible starting point, we want to produce five things *together* in Toronto:

  • a. Outline for generic hactivity kit all programs can use.
  • b. User stories + Q1 2012 roadmap for Popcornmaker.
  • c. Event plans for Hive, MoJo, Film, hactivity kit and popcornmaker built in.
  • d. Paper prototype and user stories for + program pages.
  • e. Plan for simple Mozilla badge offering for web makers.

We'll dedicate our mornings to this as a way to drive early progress on some of our team-wide 2012 goals.

3. And: work on your core projects, solidify individual goals.

We also want to make progress on all of our core projects, things like:

  • Clarifying user stories and roadmaps that guide your work.
  • Making sure others in the team understand -- and feedback -- on your work.
  • Honing the message and communications around your project.

With this in mind, afternoons are all open as working sessions available for you to schedule the people you need to work with most.

Shared Q1 2012 Goals

As context for the meeting, here are five Q1 2012 goals that the whole team should be thinking about:

  • a. Learning: Build a generic hacktivity kit that is useful for all of our programs.
  • b. Software: PopcornMaker 0.x = good enough for Mozilla workshops.
  • c. All programs running web making events, integrate Hacktivity Kit + PopcornMaker.
  • d. MVP version of live, basic pages for Hive, MoJo, Film.
  • e. Simple way to dogfood Mozilla badges + open badges with our programs.

These have been drawn by the bigger picture 2012 year long goals and used to frame to deliverables listed in item #2 above.


Location: Everything is happening at the Mozilla Toronto office


The Gladstone Hotel ( Simply provide them with your name to check in. They will have a welcome package for you which will have a weekly metropass, among other delights.


From the airport: you should take a taxi. For those of you who are on same flights or arrive at similar times, Mari will get in touch and make sure you look for each other and travel together.

To the airport: Mari will send you information about getting a car service to pick you up.

Within Toronto: in your welcome pack at the hotel, there is a weekly metropass for the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) - it's good on all buses, streetcars, and subways.

To and from the hotel and office ( You will take the 501 streetcar eastbound on Queen St. This means you'll need to leave the hotel and wait at the stop across the street (they come often in the morning. If one goes by and it's very full, you won't wait too long for another.). Ride the streetcar for about 10 minutes and get off at the stop called Spadina, take a right and walk 2 blocks and you'll get to Adelaide St. The office is at 366 Adelaide West, 5th floor (this walk should only take about 5 minutes). Your passcards will work on one door and there's a keycode for the other door (1472*).


Sessions still needing a home?

These are sessions that were suggested in the original etherpad that don't yet seem to be on the program anywhere. If they were proposed by you and you still want to do, please through into one of the open afternoon sessions.

  • Story Arc for Drumbeat -> Web Makers, planning for retiring (+ our new online home? (Matt w/ Ryan)
  • Project Messaging Boot Camp Fun Zone. Teaching and testing our project elevator pitches with each other. (Matt)
  • Improving HR policies and processes, what's the plan? +1 +1
  • Master Funding Pipeline: Know what it is, where it is, and how to use it. Then populate it.
  • Toward a master plan for BigBlueButton
  • 3D webmaking roadmapper: Popcorn, CubicVR integrations to support Little Brother and other projects

Morning sessions

these are rough descriptions of the morning sessions that we'll do on shared goals and deliverables

Hacktivity kit meets Popcorn Maker (Monday)

  • Goal: learn about PopcornMaker and HackJams
  • Feeds into: generic Hacktivity kit outline (a) and PopcornMaker roadmapping (b) goals
  • One line description: Hackasaurus-style HackJam where everyone makes a hypervideo with PopcornMaker
  • What you need to prepare: a 60 second video on webmakers you want us to work with in 2012 add your link here
  • Leads: Jess w/ BenM, Atul and Popcorn team
  • Detailed notes: work in progress

Event + campaign design jam for MoJo / Hive / Popcorn (Tuesday)

  • Goal: plan and write collateral for events that we will actually run
  • Feeds into: 'all programs running webmaking events' goal (c)
  • One line description: [add this]
  • What you need to prepare: [stuff on audience needs / who we're serving?]
  • Leads: MichelleT w/ Dan, Brett, Chris
  • Detailed notes: [add planning etherpad]

Badges for Web Makers design jam (Wednesday)

  • Goal:
  • Feeds into: develop plan for minimal webmaker badge offering to develop in Q1 (e)
  • One line description:
  • What you need to prepare: [use MichelleL's exercises to feed into this]
  • Leads: MichelleL w/ Erin, Brian, Carla and Mark
  • Detailed notes: [add planning etherpad] user stories and paper prototyping (Thursday)

  • Goal:
  • Feeds into:
  • One line description:
  • What you need to prepare:
  • Leads:
  • Detailed notes: [add planning etherpad]