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During the All-hands meeting

  • location: Ten Forward
  • when: Thursday afternoon


  • Tarek
  • Dave Dash
  • Kumar McMillan
  • Jeff Hammel
  • jbalogh
  • Erik Rose
  • Paul Osman
  • Andy McKay
  • laura
  • Mark Côté
  • bear
  • Ryan Tilder
  • Axel Hecht
  • bwinton
  • jsocol (would love to dial in in possible)
  • Henrik Skupin
  • Dustin J. Mitchell
  • David Burns (AutomatedTester)
  • Paul Craciunoiu (paulc)
  • Fred Wenzel
  • Lukas Blakk
  • Matt Brandt
  • James Long


  • [talk] The state of playdoh (wenzel)
  • [talk] Fudging it With Mock Objects (Kumar)
  • [talk] My first C extension (jbalogh)
  • [talk] Taking the temperature of the room: 2 of my wacky language improvement ideas (ErikRose)
  • [discussion] Informing Mozilla of good (and bad) python patterns:
  • [talk] nginx + gunicorn + gevent (tarek)
  • [talk] Django testing patterns: lessons learned from SUMO (ErikRose)
    • Note to self: instantiation helpers, comparator helpers, patching settings (create=True)
  • [talk] RDAPI: an api documentation and front end developed for Raindrop and later used in F1 (Shane Caraveo)
    • A demo of how it works, and thoughts on how to make it better
  • [talk] Client-Side profiling in Tests (AutomatedTester)
  • [talk] nose-progressive: a humane testrunner (ErikRose)
  • [talk] future of packaging in Python 3.3 (tarek)
  • [talk] pypi2rpm (tarek)
  • [discussion] Packaging
  • [talk] PyStar (lukas) - getting more women into python, a pitch for volunteer teachers
  • [discussion] Improving Mozilla's use of Python (particularly wrt m-c and build tools)
  • [talk] Intro to Twisted Python (dustin)
  • [talk] Error tracking with Arecibo (andym)
  • [talk] File uploads (image, video) in Django (paulc)
  • [talk] Notification emails in Django - now called django-tidings (paulc, ErikRose)