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There are many little "paper cuts" we should address for better fit and finish on Android. This project is a clearinghouse for those issues.

Current Status

Our basic Android fit and finish is pretty good, but we keep getting/finding small issues we should fix. We are filing bugs for those issues. As a whole, the effort should have a relatively priority, but some individual bugs could be lower priority.

Next Steps

  • File bugs for found issues
  • Get design feedback on UX parts
  • Get decisions on "how we should handle" platform parts, as needed

Related Bugs

bug 646550 bug 610784


  • Design: madhava, brian
  • Dev: front-end


  • Need to triage for design needs

Goals/Use Cases

  • Better fit and finish on Android
  • Meet user expectations

Non Goals

  • Copy everything the stock browser does
  • Use Dolphin as a "proper" example