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The old version of the Projects page from like 2011


Each active project should have a details page created so we can track progress. Here is a blank-ish template. Some projects might start with conceptual design, others might start with code prototypes.

Current Projects

For current projects, see Features/Mobile.

Old Project Pages

These project pages are from the Fennec 1.0 - 4.0 era and are no longer in use.

Description Bug People Details
Page interactions (cursor mode) bug madhava details
Gesture support bug fabrice <link>
Implement touch events bug 544614 mbrubeck, wesj details
Integrate Personas bug madhava details
Integrate Jetpack bug fabrice details
Smarter Tabs minor: bug 548633 janD details
Contextual Actions: Webservices and Phone-apps integration bug 566225 janD details
Confidence in panning and zooming bstover details
Better First-run -- browser discoverability bug briandils details
Better First-run -- language choice bug briandils details
Identity bug briandils details
Logging in to websites easier bug vingtetun details
Master Password bug 592772 vingtetun details
Better integration for form assistant on Android bug 636339 vingtetun details
Visual refresh (Gingerbread/Honeycomb) bug madhava, new person details
Tablet optimized UI bug madhava details
Awesomescreen revisions bug madhava, new person, vingtetun details
Rewrite/mobilize UI text bug madhava, mnovak (hopefully!) error msgs, dialog text
Basic Webapp Support bug fabrice, madhava details
Anti-malware/phishing phishing: bug 470876 madhava, dev person details
Android-style body text copy/paste bug new ux person, dev person details
Android native polish bug ux, dev details
Session Store Enhancements bug dev details
Are We Slim Yet dev, automation details
<description> bug name1, name2 <link>


Please move completed projects from the "active"-section to this table!

Description Bug People Details
Automatically check for add-on updates bug mfinkle, madhava details
Touch friendly about:config (FIXED) bug 540009 vingtetun <link>
Orientation detection bug 541015 mfinkle details
Plan for context menus (panels) bug madhava <link>
Form autofill (autocomplete) bug 466770 vingtetun, mfinkle details
Session restore bug 541421 mfinkle, stechz details
Scroll indicators for content and chrome bug 515166 bug 461843 vingtentun, fabrice details
Scroll underlying browser when canvas tiles are panned bug 511987 bug 500700 bug 514623 bug 479862 stechz, vingtetun details
Site specific preferences bug 456077 vingtetun, madhava details


Projects that are not active and may not be of interest anymmore

Description Bug People Details
Use faststart on Maemo bug crowder <link>
Add network and battery indicators to UI details
Click disambiguation details

Additional Ideas and Designs

  • Startup time
  • JIT for some chrome UI (details)
  • Pageload
  • Improved disk caching
User Experience
  • UI interactivity
  • Page/Content interactivity (cursor mode)
  • Form autofill
  • Extend form helper support (email & url)
  • Context menus
  • Better link clicking
  • Panning long pages (details)
  • Find in page
  • Mobile-appropriate session restore
  • Site specific data
  • View history
System Integration
  • Portrait mode on Maemo
  • Default browser on Maemo
  • Camera
  • Utilize js-ctypes for device APIs
Appearance & Layout
  • More UI space for add-ons
  • In-content theme
  • Update the awesomebar panel (mockup)