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Provide a user experience for the "first run" that allows the user to choose which language they want Fennec to be presented in. This can be done implicitly or explicitly.

Current Status

Currently working on the UI for this, see designs below.

Next Steps

  • Design of what happens after the user chooses to change the language. Most likely it will use the add-ons engine in the background, but the UI will look different.

Related Bugs


  • Project Lead: tarend
  • Design: briandils
  • Team Member: madhava


Current Design:

Ideal UX Flow (PDF):


Archived Design:

Design of screen (Clean):

Design of screen (W/ Design Notes):

Design of intro video as a lightbox:

Goals/Use Cases

  • The goal here is to make sure the user gets the language that they prefer, without overwhelming the majority of users who want the same language as is set on the phone.