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Support form text input autocomplete (autofill). When the user is editing data in a textbox, the Form Assistant is active. We need to add support for autocomplete suggestions, if any exist, for the active textbox.

We should be using the same code and algorithm as desktop Firefox.

Current Status

Two different patches exist in bug 466770: a select list approach and a horizontal scrolling list approach. We are going to use the horizontal scrolling list approach.

A second WIP patch has been created and we are working on visual styling of the suggestion list.

Next Steps

  • Design mockups for suggestion list (madhava)
  • Integrate style into new patch (vingtetun/mfinkle)

Related Bugs

bug 466770 bug 544767 bug 544765


  • Project Lead: vingtetun
  • Design: madhava
  • Front-end Dev: mfinkle


Screenshots of the current are in the bug and can be pasted here too. Madhava will have style mockups, which can be added here as well.

Design bug for final style: bug 552022

Goals/Use Cases

  • Less need for typing data into textboxes

Non Goals

  • Predictive guessing