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Because of the panning behavior in Firefox Mobile, mousemove events are not dispatched to websites. That can break many popular web applications, like Google Maps, as well as any drag-n-drop functionality on a web page.

Firefox Mobile should be able to pass mousemove events to webpages that listen for the events. At the same time, we should not break chrome-level panning (sidebars and titlebar).

Current Status

Design for preliminary behavior has been completed. We are ready to start implementing.

Next Steps

  • Implement initial design
  • Test the effectiveness of the approach

Related Bugs

bug 441590


  • Design: madhava
  • Team Members: vingtetun, mfinkle


Madhava, Stuart and Finkle talked through an initial design. The high points are:

  • Use "getListenerInfoFor" to see if a content element wants to receive a mousemove event. If so, displatch it like we do for mousedown and mouseup. See
  • If we are displatching mousemoves to the content, we need to create a finger-sized border area around the chrome window. Any touches the start in this border will _always_ start chrome panning and will _not_ be redispatched to content - no matter what.

Goals/Use Cases

  • Support more webapps - ones that use mouse interactions.

Non Goals

  • Support every webapp and every edge case.