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Panning a very long page (e.g is actually painful on Fennec. We need a way to make life easier for fingers.

Current Status

  • I'm (vivien) doing some experimentations based on a mix between:
 - some personal thought! yeah!

Basically my plan is to use 2 differents pan:

- the classic one
- an acccelerated one when panning on the edge
- show a minimap when clicking at the intersection of the right/bottom corner (maybe showing a transparent button on a mousedown)

Next Steps

  • A prototype extension
  • better suggestions than the dumb vingtetun prototype

Related Bugs

No bug yet

bug 1234567


  • Project Lead:
  • Design: madhava
  • Front-end Dev:


Mockups can be pasted here

Goals/Use Cases

  • Help panning on long pages

Non Goals