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Support dynamic portrait/landscape changes when rotating the N900.

Current Status

A WIP patch exists that seems to enable the dynamic rotation support, but only if the Maemo default browser has it's portrait mode enabled.

Next Steps

  • Figure out why the Maemo browser is "connected" to Firefox rotation (mfinkle)
  • Clean up any portrait mode bugs in the UI layout. Windows Mobile supports the rotation by default and has turned up some bugs.
  • Speed up the post-rotation redraw code.

Related Bugs

bug 541015


  • Project Lead: mfinkle


Ideas for portrait polish:

  • portrait vs. landscape tab thumbnails
  • more vertical spacing on controls
  • requiring more of a re-orientation than just past 45deg to make the switch
  • having a sensible orientation lock mechanism

Goals/Use Cases

  • Quickly and correctly switch from landscape to portrait (and back again) as the user rotates the device.

Non Goals