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Use session store to enable "undo tab close."

Current Status

  • Code landed. SessionStore supports a better interface, including "undo close tabs". CTRL+SHIFT+T will undo the last closed tab.

Next Steps

  • Make small UI changes to expose "undo closed tab(s)" bug 582583

Related Bugs

bug 579361


  • Developer: Finkle
  • Designer: Madhava


Proposal 1 (janD)

UI Suggestion

Proposal for integrating the Function in the "open-new-page view"

  • If a user wants to reopen a tab, she will go to the open-new-page view anyway. (even if the recently-closed-tabs function is unknown for her)
  • In contrast to integration in the tab-bar: the tab-bar will still have one button only which is important considering Hicks law (more buttons cause selection delay.The fewer buttons the greater the impact of an item addition)

Goals/Use Cases

  • Simple is better

Non Goals