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Use better hit testing to make it easier for users to click & focus hyperlinks and input fields. We could create a CSS rule that increases the size of the bounding box used for hit testing.

Current Status

Next Steps

  • Look at platform code for ways to do this
  • MicroB has some code we might be able to use

Related Bugs

bug 1234567

desktop firefox bugs


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  • could be calibrated to zoom level -- i.e. the tappable area should never need to be bigger than a touch-height; the percentage growth could taper off as the link gets bigger
  • worth experimenting with a box that's not completely centered on the link -- people probably tap on the link and below it, not above. Also, right-handers will probably tap on the link or to the right (not clear how to optimize this for both left and right handedness); generally, people undershoot rather than overshoot
  • try predictive tap-area adjustments (i.e. weighting links based on predictions of whether a user is interested in that particular link)
    • use the same underlying assumption that powers the awesomebar - people visit the same things over and over
    • simple method -- make tapping easier for visited links
    • more complex -- weight links tappability based on frecency of visitation
  • should work for fields as well as links
  • should probably work for radio buttons and checkboxes as well

Goals/Use Cases

  • Make it easy to click and focus links and form inputs
  • Handle overlapping elements nicely

Non Goals