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Improve the usefulness of the start page.

Current Status

If Firefox Mobile opens in a new profile, we launch the about:firstrun page. Otherwise, we open with about:blank and show the awesomescreen.

We should add support for a true start page. Basic requirements are:

  • Create an about:home with specialized content
  • Provide a way in preferences to set the home page. Options include: None (use

awesomescreen), Default (use about:home) or Use the current page in the active browser.

Next Steps

  • Design mockups (madhava)

Related Bugs

bug 551889


  • Design: madhava
  • Team Members: mfinkle


4416966707 77c460426f.jpg

Mockup (23.3.2010 by Madhava)]

Goals/Use Cases

  • Present the user with useful ways to start using Firefox after launching

Non Goals

  • Watch Ts regressions