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Implement events that allow web pages to capture touch and multi-touch .

Current Status

Next Steps

  • Working prototype implementation (finish WIP in bug 544614).
  • Move toward W3C Web Events spec.
  • Decide on "escape hatch" UI (e.g., bug 441590 - border around edge of screen that can still be used for panning in menus). Still needed on Android?

Related Bugs

  • bug 544614 - implement touch events
  • bug 603008 - pass Android multitouch events from Java to Gecko
  • bug 441590 - retain a border around the edge of the screen for panning


  • wesj
  • mbrubeck


Goals/Use Cases

  • Enable mobile sites to use dragging or gestures, for example: Google Maps, web games, drawing/painting apps.
  • Conformance with emerging W3C spec.
  • Compatibility with next versions of Firefox on desktop?

Non Goals

  • Exact compatibility with WebKit.
  • Exact compatibility with Firefox 4.0 on Windows 7.