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Do add-ons drive ADI growth?

  • Popular add-ons drive adoption, because people will choose a browser that supports add-ons that they know and love from their desktop browser.
  • Add-ons improve user retention, because they let people customize their browser in ways that aren't possible on other browsers.

Increase the number of add-ons

  • Finish porting Jetpack to Android Firefox
    • This will make it very easy for new add-ons to support both mobile and desktop.
    • We should prioritize; we can stub out less-needed APIs for a first release.
  • Tools to develop on desktop (using the Add-on Builder?), run on mobile.
    • Jetpack team has already done some work on this.
  • Improve documentation.
    • Need more complete docs, tutorials.
    • More examples.
    • Remove outdated docs.
  • Donate Android devices to add-on developers.
    • and/or make emulation easier/faster (Android/x86 builds?)
  • Evangelize/support/contribute to ports of more high-profile add-ons.
    • But note that the best desktop add-ons may not be the best mobile add-ons.

New capabilities and APIs

  • Define UI customization designs and APIs.
    • Should play well with Jetpack and Australis.
  • Allow add-ons to include Java code?
  • Deliver add-ons through the Google Play app store?
  • Touch/gesture APIs.

Increase discoverability and user adoption

  • Add "also on mobile!" cross-promotion to desktop AMO page when an add-on has a mobile version.
  • Over-the-air installation from desktop web site to phone.
  • Better "install add-ons" call to action in the first-run UX (e.g. about:home).
  • Bundle some add-ons (disabled by default?)
    • Create our own, or use popular add-ons.
    • Make features like Reading Mode into add-ons and ship them that way?
      • Good for dogfooding our APIs, also for teaching users about using add-ons.
  • Make AMO link in Add-on Manager more discoverable (add a text label to the icon?)
  • Make the "empty" Add-on Manager UX better (when no extensions are installed).