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Perceived Performance

Food for thought on this subject:

  • Responsiveness
    • progress indication
    • hints of where you are going
    • what happens when you go back? Can we make this faster?
    • fast haptic response
    • how to we show page load
    • one tap range
    • snappy animated transitions
    • physical "knowing" where you are
    • pre-loading?
  • search suggest
  • Visual Fit
    • do we not look streamlined in fast?
    • correct animations
  • During the work week
    • Explore smoother UI transitions (UX)
    • Can we make progress indication work?
    • Define "layered UI"
  • Other
    • Sync Setup
    • Partner customizations
    • Pick up where I left off
    • Attaching other things I visit often to the bottom of the page you're on